7 Great Alternatives to Makeup Remover ...

Makeup remover is something in almost every woman’s beauty bag, as taking off makeup is the most important part of nightly skin care. However, store bought remover isn’t always the best option. If you’re like me and you wear makeup daily, buying bottle after bottle can get pricey after awhile, and it might not even work as well as you want it to. Here are some alternatives to makeup remover that may be more readily available, and could have some extra benefits for your skin!

1. Petroleum Jelly

This is my personal favorite alternative to makeup remover. I use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer around my eyes at night anyway, and one day I discovered that a small dab of this and then a quick sweep of a cotton ball took off almost every layer off my makeup in one go. Plus, it’s cheap and one jar lasts forever. If petroleum jelly isn’t already a part of your beauty routine somehow, I recommend you start now!