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7 Great Alternatives to Makeup Remover ...

By Ashley

Makeup remover is something in almost every woman’s beauty bag, as taking off makeup is the most important part of nightly skin care. However, store bought remover isn’t always the best option. If you’re like me and you wear makeup daily, buying bottle after bottle can get pricey after awhile, and it might not even work as well as you want it to. Here are some alternatives to makeup remover that may be more readily available, and could have some extra benefits for your skin!

1 Petroleum Jelly

This is my personal favorite alternative to makeup remover. I use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer around my eyes at night anyway, and one day I discovered that a small dab of this and then a quick sweep of a cotton ball took off almost every layer off my makeup in one go. Plus, it’s cheap and one jar lasts forever. If petroleum jelly isn’t already a part of your beauty routine somehow, I recommend you start now!

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2 Baby Oil

Another great alternative to makeup remover that’s handy for new mothers is baby oil! The best way to use this is to squirt some onto a cotton pad and place it over your closed eyes. DON’T rub it in, but rather massage your eyes in small, gentle circles. This will get not only the eye shadow but also any eyeliner or mascara off your eyes very easily.

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3 Olive Oil

If you’re really in a pinch for makeup remover, look no further than your kitchen! Dig around the cabinets and grab a bottle of olive oil (virgin and extra virgin are great too!). It may seem weird to put something generally used for cooking on your face, but trust me, it works like a charm. Olive oil is also a great moisturizer, so your skin will feel really supple after you’ve washed the oil off.

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4 Honey

Continuing with the kitchen-themed alternatives to makeup remover, honey is also one of my go-to’s. Honestly, honey is probably one of the most versatile and useful foods, with dozens of different beauty uses and makeup remover is one of them. But, honey is very thick, and using too much could make your face a goopy mess. It’s best to rub it in lightly with your fingers, and then swipe it off with a cotton pad. Honey has a lot of properties that are great for your skin, so if you’d like to leave it on as a moisturizer, go for it!

5 Yogurt

I know, you probably make a weird face when you read that one. Yogurt? Now that’s just ridiculous. But it’s not! Plain yogurt (none of the fancy fruit ones) will do the job just fine if you have no other alternative. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes to avoid irritation, and be sure to cleanse your face well as the bacteria in the yogurt could go bad if left on your face.

6 Aloe Vera

Not just for burns, ladies! Aloe Vera is great if you have oily skin and don’t want to make it worse. It’ll get your makeup off just fine, and is recommended for tough to remove mascara. It’s very gentle on the skin, especially around the eye area, and will provide a nice non-greasy moisturizing. As an added bonus, if your eyes are feeling irritated or puffy, the aloe will calm down any inflammation and help decrease redness.

7 Coconut Oil

This is something that not many women are aware of but I think they should be. I discovered it one day when my mom brought home a jar of it from the grocery store and I looked up what it could be used for. Turns out, it’s a great makeup remover! In the jar it has a thicker consistency, but it gets oilier as you rub it. Just use your fingers to get the oil nicely spread across your eye. Like with any oil, use it sparingly so as to not cause greasiness.

Will you be trying any of these alternatives to makeup remover? Do you know of any others that work well and weren’t mentioned?

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