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Greatest Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Look Absolutely Awesome ...

By Lisa

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your creativity and have lots of fun with your makeup and costume. You get to dress up as your favorite character and be someone else for a day! We here at AWS know that with so many costume options out there, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. If you’re still debating on what your makeup is going to look like, allow us to show you someone the best Halloween makeup tutorials available to make the decision much easier! We think you’re going to love these incredible looks and we can’t wait for you to see them all!

1 Lioness

Meeeoooww! The eye makeup alone is so pretty so if you’re dressing up for work or school, this is a fantastic way to not only wear gorgeous eye makeup but you’re also in costume. Since the makeup pretty much says it all, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple like wearing all black or animal print!

2 Vampire

All eyes will be on you after you emerge from the night in this makeup! Embody the Halloween spirit with this chilling look that’s scary but also dare I say, sexy? I love the details in the veins with the red contacts but the eye makeup makes the look feminine at the same time.


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3 Batwoman

Be your own superhero and dress up as Batwoman this Halloween. This is a great alternative to Catwoman and if you’re dressing up with a friend or partner, he or she can be Robin or a villain! The mask is amazing but so is the colorful eye makeup, love the use of purple and yellow!

4 Golden Goddess

If you’re feeling like dressing up as something elegant and regal this year, may we suggest this gorgeous golden goddess? This look is crazy cool and the makeup is pretty wearable to wear to work or school first and get dressed up later in the evening for a party.

5 Queen of the Dead

We’re going from a golden goddess to a queen of the dead! This look is beautiful but creepy and you can show off your rad makeup skills drawing on the teeth. This would make another fab coordinating couple look or go solo and find your king of the dead.

6 Queen Elsa

If you dream of being a Disney princess, or in this case a queen, try this Queen Elsa makeup on for size. The makeup itself isn’t too complicated, but the blonde wig and light blue dress are essential for pulling it off. Get some blue contact lenses and you’re ready to party!

7 Missing Eyes

Ummm, this is pretty damn spooky! If you love gore or have always wanted to be in a horror film, now’s your chance to show what you’re made of! This look is perfect for parties and everyone will be impressed with this scary look.

8 Candy Corn Unwrapped

This one’s for all the candy corn addicts out there! If you love the classic Halloween candy, consider dressing up as one! This look features a badass cut crease in candy corn colors and more candy on your face and chest. Unique, beautiful, and almost good enough to eat!

9 Glam Witch

Don’t just be any witch, be a glam witch! You get the best of both worlds, spooky and stunning, with this bewitching look. I mean, even with bloodshot eyes, the lashes make it look totally glam. Put on your best witchy black dress and put a spell on everyone!

10 Half Skull

This half skull and exposed spine is disturbing but you can’t stop staring! Up your gore game with this creepy makeup and get ready to wow everyone at the party. With this makeup, you won’t have to fuss much with your hair, just throw it up in a bun and done!

11 Werewolf

This is another super pretty look with a touch of gore. The scratch marks on the neck look so real and Bella Makeup did a killer job with the contour! Grab some wolf ears, tease your hair, and for the outfit, go for all black with some furry accessories!

12 Cleopatra

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about gore and guts, if you’re looking for something a little more feminine, Queen Cleopatra is a fabulous option! The gold lipstick and eyeshadow are so luxe and screams sexy and chic.

13 Zombie

Zombies have been hot for a minute and what better way to show your love than to dress up as one? This video is a GRWM style video so you can see step-by-step how to recreate this creepy cool zombie look. I think some funky white contacts will finish it off perfectly!

14 Harley Quinn

It seems like everyone is going crazy for Harley Quinn and dressing up as her so this list wouldn’t be complete without a Harley Quinn tutorial. There are lots of tutorials out there but I thought Nikki Tutorials did a great job and the finished look is really well done.

15 Dark Fairy

Here’s a hauntingly good makeup look for anyone wanting to go all out with their costume this year. This look is equal parts scary and fascinating all wrapped up in one. How could anyone not win a costume contest in this getup?!

16 Saw

Do you consider yourself a Saw fan? If so, this look was made for you. This tutorial is supposed to be easy and fast so if you’re running out of time to think of what/who to be, this could be an easy way to get ready quickly but still look like you spent a lot of time on your look!

17 Ice Cream Girl

Want to be something sweet, delicious, and something that everyone loves?! Be an ice cream girl! Doesn’t this look reminds you of Katy Perry’s California Gurls? The ice cream hat that Desi wears really pulls the look together but even if you do just the makeup, it’s still a sweet, sweet look.

There you have it, 17 striking Halloween makeup looks! Will you try any of these looks or did they inspire you to try something similar? Be sure to comment below so we can all see what costume you’ll be wearing this year!

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