Here is How to Transform Your Oily Skin into the Dewy Glowy Type of Skin Everyone Wants ...


We all crave a dewy glow to our skin but what we don’t want is for it to come from an oily sheen. Oily (or combination) skin means a constant struggle against shine. You spend time perfecting your makeup only to find that an hour or two later, you’re back to the greaseball look. You can look to matte products and these will certainly help, but there are other little tricks you can use to achieve a stunning dewy glow.

1. Strategic Powdering

A great way to transform your oily skin without the use of too many expensive products is to invest a good mattifying powder. Concentrating only on the key oily areas of your face, most commonly the center, apply the powder with a sponge so that only the needed amount of product remains. You can always top up during the day if you need to.

Setting Spray
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