Here is How to Transform Your Oily Skin into the Dewy Glowy Type of Skin Everyone Wants ...

We all crave a dewy glow to our skin but what we don’t want is for it to come from an oily sheen. Oily (or combination) skin means a constant struggle against shine. You spend time perfecting your makeup only to find that an hour or two later, you’re back to the greaseball look. You can look to matte products and these will certainly help, but there are other little tricks you can use to achieve a stunning dewy glow.

1. Strategic Powdering

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A great way to transform your oily skin without the use of too many expensive products is to invest a good mattifying powder. Concentrating only on the key oily areas of your face, most commonly the center, apply the powder with a sponge so that only the needed amount of product remains. You can always top up during the day if you need to.

2. Setting Spray

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A setting spray is an absolute must for the makeup bag of anybody who has oily skin. Setting sprays work to ‘lock in’ the makeup you have applied and do the same job as a setting powder but without the undesirable ‘cakey’ finish. Apply by spritzing a generous helping of the spray all over your face and letting it dry before you leave home. It will help to keep your make up intact and work to keep oiliness to a minimum.

3. Mattifying Primer and Foundation

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Keeping your face’s oiliness at bay should always ideally be combated with the help of a good quality mattifying primer. You may find yourself shopping around for a while until you find the perfect match, but once you do it will make your life so much easier by keeping your skin’s naturally oily shine in check. You should also choose a mattifying foundation and to help things along, mix it with some luminizer before applying.

4. Blush & Cream Bronzers

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Cream bronzers and blush are a great way to give a quick fix to your oily skin issues. You can swap your dewy look for a glowing one by simply applying a cream bronzer around the edges of the face and a cream blush to the centers of your cheeks before you beging powdering. Don’t worry - you can help to keep the creams in place during the day by combining them with a setting spray.

5. Powder Highlighter

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Powder highlighters are another handy accessory to have for those of you who have problems with oily skin. Apply the product to the higher points of your face like the cheekbones and bridge of the nose and you will find that light becomes attracted to these particular areas, giving you a more radiant look as opposed to an oily one. One thing to remember with powder highlighters is to avoid areas on your face that have larger pores, as the product will only serve to emphasize them.

6. Hydration and Diet

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The skin, just like any other organ in the body, needs appropriate nutrition in order to function properly, so remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day. Perhaps consider your diet and assess whether what you are eating is contributing to the oiliness of your skin.

7. Invest in a Good Quality Sponge

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Having a really high quality make up sponge, like a beautyblender for example, is absolutely vital when it comes to correctly applying the makeup that will help to reduce the oily look of your skin. Application with a sponge that can be used when damp prevents your foundation from looking too cakey and heavy, and can add beneficial moisture back in to the skin at the same time.

Are you ready to banish the shine and get a dewy glow?

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