Here's How to Fake Your Way to Fuller Sexier Brows ...


Here's How to Fake Your Way to Fuller Sexier Brows ...
Here's How to Fake Your Way to Fuller Sexier Brows ...

Pencil thin eyebrows are out and full brows are in. Very in. If you love the look of full, sexy brows but aren’t sure how to achieve it then this’s the guide you need. You can finally have the brows you’re dreaming of!

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Sit on Your Hands for a Few Weeks

This’s the hardest part so let’s talk about it first. If you really want to have full, sexy brows then you have to allow your brows to grow in. Give them time to fill in before you pick up your tweezers. Of course you can get those way out there strays but allow your eyebrows to expand a bit more. If you think you can’t resist temptation then give your tweezers to your bestie to hold for you until your brows have had some time to fill in.


Clue in Your Brow Stylist

You also want to clue your eyebrow stylist in on the plan. They need to know what look you’re going for in order to help you achieve it. If you feel like they aren’t on board with full brows then find someone who is. It’s not going to do any good to work toward fuller brows at home if your eyebrow stylist is going to strip them away at the salon. Ask a friend with brows you love where they have theirs done.


Try a Brow Serum

Are you wondering if there really is such a product as brow serum? Yes, there is such a thing and it works. Think of it like a vitamin for your brows. Brow serums contain ingredients to help encourage growth. All you do is apply a small amount before bed and let it work while you sleep.


Consider a Brow Product with Fibers

Pencils and powders are good to fill in your brows with but there’re more products to choose from. Don’t limit yourself or you’re sure to miss out! Try a brow product with fibers added in to thicken up your brows. A great one to try is Benefit Gimme Brow Gel. Simply brush on to fill in and define your brow shape.


Use a Light Hand

One common mistake women make when they’re filling in their eyebrows is being heavy-handed. It’s much better to use a light hand. If you fill in your brows too strongly they’ll look fake, not to mention making you look like you’re angry. It seems like it’s a good idea to fill in your eyebrows strongly but it isn’t. Take your time and build your brows up slowly.


Go for Short, Feathery Strokes

Rather than drawing or brushing a product on with one swoop, make short, feathery strokes. This produces a more natural look. The last think you want is for someone to look at your brows and think wow, that’s overkill! You want them to look at you and just casually notice that your brows are fabulous. Another reason to use short, feathery strokes is that you can quickly spot if you start going off course and correct it rather than have a complete makeup catastrophe on your hands.


Figure out Where Your Eyebrows Should Begin and End

Your brows may not be picture perfect. Few of us fall in that category. Figure out where your brows should truly begin and end. If you’re confused by this, don’t worry. There’re many diagrams and tutorials you can find on Pinterest or Youtube. And remember that no one has perfect eyebrows so don’t get hung up on tiny imperfections.

These tips can help you to have the full, sexy brows you’re dreaming of. What’s your favorite brow product? I can’t wait to try your recommendations!

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Now those brows on that girl is serious !!

Eyebrows pencil a little , too much looks awful

Hey girls! Use castor oil every day on your eyelashes and eyebrows and it works super fast! You can get a bottle at a beauty store for like $4 tops

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