Steal Lauren Conrad's 5-Minute Makeup Routine ...


Steal Lauren Conrad's 5-Minute Makeup Routine ...
Steal Lauren Conrad's 5-Minute Makeup Routine ...

If you're a busy woman, or if you hate waking up early enough to do your makeup before you go out, then you'll benefit from a quick and easy makeup routine. Even though Lauren Conrad is a beautiful woman, she knows how to get ready in only a few minutes.

The video down below will tell you what Conrad does before she leaves the house each morning. Believe it or not, the steps are actually easy to follow! That means you can steal the star's beauty routine.

How long does it typically take you to do your makeup in the morning?

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I love Lauren since Laguna beach she has become such a success kudod💋❤️💜💜


She sure is a beautiful woman! I take between 20-40 minutes to do hair and make up, but it depends sometimes it's way more and sometimes less. I have only just gotten into make up and styling so I may be slower than most.

20 mins

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