How to Contour like a Pro and Look Dazzling ...


How to Contour like a Pro and Look Dazzling ...
How to Contour like a Pro and Look Dazzling ...

It’s everyone’s favorite makeup trick...but why does it have to be so hard? Are you wondering how to contour like a pro? Contouring is difficult because everyone has a different face shape. It’s also hard because finding the right color for your face can be a pain.

So how can you make it easier? Follow these simple steps for how to contour like a pro.

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Determine Your Face Shape

Most people fall into one of six face shapes: Oval, heart, square, upside-down triangle, round, or pear. Once you know your face shape, you can determine which contouring style is right for you and that's one of the best answers for how to contour like a pro.


Pick the Right Color

For lighter skinned ladies, you’ll want a warmer color with a hint of brown. For darker skinned ladies, you’ll want the opposite - a dark brown with hints of warmer colors, such as a dark orange to really bring out the color.


Find Your Cheekbones

Some people are blessed with natural curves to their faces. However, if you’re not one of these people, the best way to find your cheekbones is to feel the curve beneath your eyes and a little to the side. That bump is your cheekbone! Here’s where you take your highlighter and move it in an upward position all along that bone. You’ll also want to make a triangular pattern just underneath your eyes to make yourself seem more awake.


Begin the Contouring

Right underneath your cheekbones is a hollow part. That’s where you want to put the contour. Extend it down, and make sure enough color goes into your hairline.


Shade Your Jawline

For girls with strong jawlines, you might want to diminish the harsh edges with a darker color. Simply brush it along the pointed part of your jaw, and it’ll look softer.


More Highlighting

The space made in between the contouring and the jawline shading is where you should put more highlighting in order to make your face appear more oval. Another place to highlight is across your forehead but not all the way up to your hairline. You might also want to highlight the space between your eyebrow and eye to make yourself look more awake.


Don’t Forget Your Nose

If you want to make your nose appear smaller, take a darker contour color and run it along the sides of your nose. Then take highlighter (for a final time, I promise) and run it along the middle of your nose.



Take a makeup blender and blend all the colors upwards until the look softer but still noticeable. Remember that practice makes perfect and even if you don’t make it perfect the first time, it will get better.

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