10 Best Tips for Recognizing a Quality Lipstick ...


10 Best Tips for Recognizing a Quality Lipstick ...
10 Best Tips for Recognizing a Quality Lipstick ...

Want to know how to recognise a quality lipstick? If you are somebody who likes to keep on trend and up to date with their beauty regime, then you will be well aware then when it comes to individual types of makeup, you can get away with having cheaper versions of some, but not so much with others! Things like mascara and eye shadow don’t really show a lot of difference to the naked eye when you apply them to your face, but one thing that definitely does warrant a dip in to the expensive end is lipstick! It is something that can really make a look pop, so it’s worth going for the best of the best. Here are ten top tips for how to recognise a quality lipstick.

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Meets Your Needs

lip, eyebrow, skin, beauty, cheek, Personal quality matters too, so you need to make sure that you choose a lipstick that suits your individual taste and preference. Watch out for which ones are glossy, matte, creamy, glittered, etc. This is one of the best tips for how to recognise a quality lipstick, but keep reading for more.


Long Lasting

lip, lip gloss, eyebrow, lipstick, chin, If you are going to be paying a lot for lipstick, then you need to make sure that it is one that highlights that fact that it is long lasting. You don’t want to be touching up all day long.


Doesn’t Bleed

lip, chin, lip gloss, lipstick, eyebrow, A top quality lipstick won’t bleed, which is a classic sign of lipsticks that are on the cheaper side of the makeup aisle. The problem with bleeding lipstick is that you tend to have to clean all your makeup to start over again, and nobody wants that.


No Streaks

lip, black hair, girl, long hair, brown hair, Similarly, a good quality lipstick won’t appear transparent and streaky, that is another telltale sign of a product that might be colourful but doesn’t have the chemical compound solidity to stay nice and clean on your lips.


Not Too Sticky

human hair color, beauty, lip, blond, cheek, Of course, you want it to be sticky enough to stay on your lips, but a good quality lipstick won’t be so sticky that it comes off on everything your lips even pass by. You want a smooth, clingy texture, not a removable one.


Strong Colour

lip, eyebrow, human hair color, chin, close up, A good lipstick will pack a punch in terms of colour on your lips, whereas a bad one might look good on the stick, but not so vibrant once it has actually been applied.


Good Smell

lip, eyebrow, beauty, chin, cheek, You know that a lipstick has been made to a high standard if it has a nice, fragrant smell. Cheap lipsticks tend to have a more waxy scent, or sometimes no scent at all.


Good Feel

lip, singing, mouth, girl, organ, You know what I mean on this one, you can just feel when a lipstick is a luxury one compared to a budget one. There is a way it caresses your lips that can’t be faked.


No Dryness

lip, red, black and white, close up, monochrome photography, A good lipstick will also have decent moisturising qualities. One that dries out your lips is probably made from substandard ingredients.


Follow the Reviews

lip, human hair color, chin, cheek, blond, Here’s the thing, the top brands are the top brands for a reason, and that is because they consistently produce the best products. If you are stuck, then always opt for a brand that is well known and well reviewed.

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