How-to Spring Clean Your Makeup Stash (and Make Room for More) ...


I say “spring clean,” but these methods actually apply anytime of the year. Cleaning out your make-up bag from time to time helps you get rid of products that are past their prime or that you no longer use. That leaves room for some great new products! If you feel overwhelmed when you open your cosmetics case, I’m coming to the rescue with some super easy tips that should help you get the job done in no time. You’ll feel so much better once you get this task finished so get started right now.

1. Separate out the Products That Are Broken

Your first step is to go through everything in your make-up bag and set aside all the products that are broken. Don’t throw them away just yet though. If the product is one of your favorites and you usually use it all up, repair it by adding a bit of rubbing alcohol and pressing the product back together. If you are done with the color and won’t use it, then go ahead and throw it in the trash.

Sanitize Your Products to Prevent Bacterial Growth
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