Makeup Organization Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean ...


Makeup Organization Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean ...
Makeup Organization Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean ...

Organizing your beauty products doesn’t have to be the tedious task that we often make it out to be. I know we’ve all seen those gorgeous photos on Insta or Pinterest that show such clean, well-organized, and relentlessly chic makeup collections. Welp, we can achieve Instagram beauty blogger status with our makeup organization, too and I’m going to show you how! Keep scrolling below for some simple tips to keep your beauty products nice and tidy.

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Clean out Your Stash

beauty, eye, cosmetics, organ, brand, Before we get into organizing our makeup, we’ve got to first weed out products that are old, have duplicates of, items you no longer use, or that you bought and never used. There’s no point in keeping around broken makeup or half-used lipsticks that you fell out of love with two seasons ago, right? You want to display your favorite makeup and make it easy to find and use. So, go through your supply and throw out all the old or broken stuff and if you have any unused products, feel free to gift them to friends or trade.


Separate the Most Used Items

brown, lip, beauty, eye, cosmetics, We all have those products that we use every day no matter what look we’re creating. Foundation, makeup brushes, a Beauty Blender, concealer, highlighter-whatever the product is, you’ll want to give those products prime real estate in your new system. Next, create a separate pile for your special occasion makeup, night out makeup, etc. You can create a separate organization system for items you don’t use as often.


Create a Place for Everything

beauty, product, skin, perfume, cosmetics, Now that you’ve separated your essentials from the rest of your things, you can start rethinking where you want to store those items that you haven’t used yet, special occasion items, etc. You can also get a new organizer for those items if you’d like, but since you won’t be reaching for them as often, you can keep them out of the way so you have more room and more options for your beauty basics. You can get drawer organizers or keep them in makeup bags separated by use, color, or type of product.


Rethink Your Current Setup

room, living room, interior design, design, furniture, Take a look at the space you currently use to apply your makeup. Does it have enough light? Do you have enough space for a mirror? Do you need a larger mirror? If your current space works just fine for makeup application, great. If not, you might want think about relocating and getting a vanity or moving to a different area that offers enough light and space. After all, applying your makeup should be relaxing, comfortable, and something you look forward to doing!


Get Inspired

Get Inspired Now that you’ve got the products and the space figured out, it’s time to get inspired! Everyone has their own unique idea of how they want to organize their makeup. Maybe you want to store your things in clear containers for a minimalist look and so they’re easy to identify. Or, maybe you want to recreate some of the awesome DIY organization ideas from Pinterest. Either way, get some ideas and make it your own! You want your beauty product organization to be a reflection of your unique personality and style.


Grab Some Tools

Grab Some Tools Head to the Dollar Store, Container Store, eBay, or a garage sale to find your organizational items of choice. Or if you already have the items you want to use, even better! There are lots of everyday items that you can repurpose for makeup storage. Even if it’s not your ideal storage solution now, you can always change or upgrade anytime you want. You might want to take measurements of your counter or certain spaces so you have enough space for everything you want.


Start Organizing!

beauty, cosmetics, product, organ, eye, It’s time to start putting all those great ideas into action! Put on some music or your favorite show and start organizing all of your lip liners and lipsticks in mugs or Mason jars, display all of your eye shadow palettes, and store all of your makeup brushes on the beauty board you created. This might take some time to do, but remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end!


Odds and Ends

eye, tool, cosmetics, DIA, Do you have some “leftover” products that you want to keep handy yet don’t really have a place for? Not to worry! You can always create more space by making a shelf inside your medicine cabinet as shown in the photo or display those odds and ends on a tiered cake stand that’ll make things easy to find and add a nice decorative touch to your counter!


Decorate Your Space

Decorate Your Space This step is totally optional of course, but if you feel so inclined, you should certainly think about decorating the rest of your beauty area to go with your fab new makeup organization! Think inspirational quotes, beauty or fashion inspiration, or framed photos of you and your friends.

I hope these tips come in handy for you! Organizing your makeup can make getting ready so much easier and really make your room look nicer, too! Do you have any organization tips that worked well for you? Let us know!

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I've my little corner boudoir makeup and perfume in my room. Never in bathroom with humidity.

Less is more.

I keep my make up brushes in a glass vase with pearl& clear rocks on the bottom to hold my brushes up. I tied a lil white satin ribbon around it to decorate it. I also have another one for hair clips, duck clips, hair shears, ect. I use a big foldable makeup case from Victoria secret that opens to 4 plastic departments. It's nice to see what I have. And it's perfect to pack up and go, when I stay somewhere. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest on how to keep your make up organized!!

Don't keep your makeup in the bathroom! That invites more bacteria and can ruin some formulas.


I so need to organise my makeup stash 😌

Sorry I wise I had room for all my makeup

Wise I room all my makeup

Looks nice but isnt that hard to dust them and clean then everyday

Gosh, this all looks awful! Put that stuff away!!

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