How to Wear Foundation without Hiding Your Freckles ...


I think we can all agree that foundation is a wonderful product. It helps to provide a nice even look to your skin and face, hiding a multitude of marks and blemishes along the way, but what about when you have marks that you aren’t trying to hide? Yes, I’m talking about freckles. Freckles are incredibly cute and can often be part of a person’s signature look and style. We have certainly seen more women embracing their freckles since the media fell in love with Meghan Markle. Foundation can risk getting in the way of showing off your freckles. Here is how to wear foundation without hiding your freckles!

1. Pore-Minimizing Primer

You should look for a pore minimizing primer. Wearing a primer under any foundation will help it to stay put, and true to its name, a pore minimizer will reduce the appearance of your pores underneath without actually hiding beauty marks and freckles. It makes for a really cool airbrushed effect.

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