Read Me to Discover Makeup Mistakes Men Hate ...


Here is some advice for all women, from the perspective of a man. Before you start painting up your face, have a look at this article to see what men really think when you do. These are makeup mistakes men hate.

1. Too Much Makeup

This must be the pet peeve of all men on the planet. It is the number one thing that men complain about when they get together in bars. It is embarrassing, going out with a woman who looks like she has just come back from a clown convention. Not to mention that most men figure that a woman must be really desperate if she feels the need to paint herself up like a girl working behind a makeup counter.

Most men prefer the look of a woman’s face after she has just gotten out of the shower. Makeup gets on a man’s face, in his mouth if he kisses her, and it comes off on his clothes. So adding even more to your face is just a mistake. On a further note, if a man professes to liking you, but he tends to keep himself a few feet away, it is because you are wearing too much perfume.

Foundation That Runs when You Sweat