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How to Wear the Graphic Liner Trend This Fall in 32 Photos ...

By Jennifer

This fall's hottest makeup trend is graphic liner, and it's incredibly bold! So bold, in fact, you might not be sure how to wear it in your regular life. No worries! Here's a little graphic-liner inspo.

1 Cat Eye, plus

Cat Eye, plus Source: Beauty Hack: 26 Ways to

2 Triple Lines

Triple Lines Source: The Ultimate On-the-Go Makeup Correcting

3 Over and under

Over and under Source: Pre-Spring/Summer 2015

4 Edgy Wings (literally)

Edgy Wings (literally) Source: Stila Kajal Eye Pencil

5 A White Highlight

A White Highlight Source: The Best Beauty Looks From

6 Dots

Dots Source: Mesmerizing Metallic Makeup : TopShop

7 Geometric

Geometric Source: Graphic Eyes

My hands are nowhere near steady enough to do this!

8 AnnaSophia's Anime

AnnaSophia's Anime Source: TV's Next It Girl: AnnaSophia

9 Brilliant Blue Hue

Brilliant Blue Hue Source:

10 In the Corners

In the Corners Source: CACTO

11 Deco Wings with GOld

Deco Wings with GOld Source: Fun Eyeliner!

12 Office-Ready?

Office-Ready? Source: Your Guide to Must-Have Fall

13 60s-inspired

60s-inspired Source: Модельное агентство AL MODEL MANAGEMENT

14 Matte Blue

Matte Blue Source: Eyeshadow Lipstick

15 A White Wing

A White Wing Source: christophe donna

16 Neon Pink Highlight

Neon Pink Highlight Source: sass & bide Warehouse Sale

17 Deconstructed Cat-Eye

Deconstructed Cat-Eye Source: 5 Essential Trends for Your

18 Futuristic

Futuristic Source: 5795

18 Gloriously Smudgy

Gloriously Smudgy Source: How to Create Unique Look

19 Wonderful Wings

Wonderful Wings Source:

20 Under-eye Pop

Under-eye Pop Source: The 6 Best Beauty Tricks

21 So Mod!

So Mod! Source: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof

22 Raven

Raven Source: A Painted Face

23 Missing in the Middle

Missing in the Middle Source: jing, gigi, ondria, antonia, kitty

24 Brilliant Blue

Brilliant Blue Source:

25 Love It!

Love It! Source: LOULOU Magazine - Women's Fashion

26 To the Point

To the Point Source: Jean Paul Gaultier AW14

27 Dark + Dramatic

Dark + Dramatic Source: Eyeshadow Lipstick

28 Double Wings

Double Wings Source: double-black-winged-eyeliener

29 Gradient Wing

Gradient Wing Source: How-tos: DIY Makeup Tips &

30 All Blue

All Blue Source: Backstage Beauty At The Atelier

31 Turn Some Heads

Turn Some Heads Source: The Benevolent Armadil(l)lo

32 Swept up

Swept up Source: Real Techniques Core make up

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