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Sometimes wearing lipstick can get boring. Swipe it on and maybe top it off with some gloss and you're done. Not that there's anything wrong with the basics, it's just that sometimes you want to try something unexpected to jazz things up a bit. Try out some of these amazing lipstick tutorials for a brand new look!

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Great Gatsby Tutorial

color,lip,face,pink,mouth, Via The Great Gatsby Inspired Lip ...
Burgundy lipstick always look classy and wearing it with a glossy finish is just as nice, if not better than the traditional matte look, don't you think?


Burgundy lipstick is a timeless classic that looks amazing on everyone, regardless of age, skin tone, or personal style. It's a great choice for a night out or for a more formal occasion. It can be paired with a variety of different looks, from soft and natural to bold and glamorous.

The great thing about burgundy lipstick is that it can be worn in a variety of different ways. It can be applied lightly for a subtle hint of color, or layered for a more dramatic look. It can also be paired with a variety of different colors and textures, from neutral nudes to bright blues and pinks.

When it comes to applying burgundy lipstick, the key is to use a lip brush or a lip liner to define the edges of the lips and to prevent the color from bleeding. Start by outlining the lips with a lip liner and then fill in the color with the brush. You can also use a lip brush to blend the color for a softer, more natural look.


Insta-Glam Red Lip Tutorial

lip,face,eyebrow,hair,nose, Via sulia.com
If you're not a fan of glossy lips, this would make a nice alternative. If it looks a little dry, try going over it with a little lip balm.


Lipstick Application Tutorial

color,red,lip,pink,petal, Via Beauty Tutorials: MakeUp
6 steps to flawless lips.


Ombre Lips Tutorial

lip,skin,product,advertising,finger, Via makeup magic: MY LOOK - ...
Why not try a pink ombre look?


Dark Lip Tutorial for Fall

lip,face,pink,nose,mouth, Via Beauty/Cosmetics/Hair
Very vampy yet feminine!


Glitter Lipstick

color,lip,face,pink,nose, Via How To: Rock Glitter Lips
Perfect for parties, Halloween or anytime you need some more glitter in your life!


Ombre Lip Tutorial

lip,face,red,mouth,cosmetics, Via Prismatoria.com
A different take on ombre lips using matte Colorbust balms.


How to: Lips That Pop

nose,beauty,supermodel,hairstyle,lip, Via Makeup: Trends, Top Brands & ...
I am loving the dark lips with a glossy finish!


Vampy Ombre Lips

color,lip,red,pink,beauty, Via xoxoemmy.com
Check out all the awesome colors in this look!


Glossy Ombre Lips Tutorial

color,lip,pink,nail,finger, Via Photographic Evidence That Ombre Lips ...
Juicy lips!


Perfect Matte Red Lip

eyebrow,face,nose,eyelash,beauty, Via paperbagbeauty.com
Step by step how-to on gorgeous matte lips.


The Secret to a Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial

lip,red,finger,mouth,nail, Via The Secret to a Long ...
If you have a hard time with lipstick staying put, try this!


Just Bitten

pink,face,lip,nail,finger, Via Spring Beauty: Ombré Lip Tutorial
This is another way to do ombre lips that's much more subtle.


Unconventional Nude Lip Tutorial

Swag,lip,face,pink,cheek, Via Unconventional Nude Lip Tutorial | ...
Nude lips for the win!


Step-by-Step Tutorial for the Perfect Red Lip

color,red,lip,nail,finger, Via Step-By-Step Tutorial for The Perfect ...
Prepping your lips is just as important as lip color application.


Deep Red Ombre Lip Tutorial

lip,hair,red,face,pink, Via Makeup
I love the dark edges on this look.


Vintage-Inspired Red Lips

color,red,lip,pink,beauty, Via 22 Beauty Tutorials For Dramatic ...
So pretty and ideal for every day!


Highlight Beauty: Perfect Red Lip Tutorial

lip,red,face,pink,lipstick, Via Red Lip Tutorial |Picture tutorial|How ...
Another way to get perfect red lips.


Purple Gradient

color,lip,face,violet,pink, Via Instagram photo by @makeupby__danii (Danielle ...
I would so wear this but be terrified of messing it up!



color,lip,pink,face,cheek, Via 20 Best Ombre Ladies Trends ...
Pretty spring color!


Summer Bold Matte Lip Tutorial

eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,eyelash, Via Spring Beauty: Bold Matte Lip ...
This one is a little harder to see, but if you click on the Source link, you can get more details.


Orange Lip Tutorial

eyebrow,face,lip,nose,cheek, Via Beautify Me
Do you fancy orange lips?


Orange and Yellow Ombre Lips Tutorial

facial expression,face,nose,lip,mouth, Via mikalajean.com
Would you dare to wear this lip look?


Fuller, More Even Lips Tutorial

face,lip,pink,nail,finger, Via Fuller, More Even Lips Tutorial ...
Fuller, more even lips with NYX Nude Beige Lip liner


Popsicle Stained Lip Tutorial

face,lip,eyebrow,pink,cheek, Via DIY - Popsicle Stained Lip ...
Popsicle-colored lips without the mess!


Plump & Long- Lasting Lips Tutorial

pink,lip,finger,beauty,petal, Via Plump & Long - Lasting ...
Help your lipstick last longer.


Halloween Lip Tutorial

color,face,lip,eyebrow,cheek, Via t.trusper.com
A little creepy but also very cool!


Gradient Lips Tutorial

lip,face,eyebrow,nose,cheek, Via Gradient Lips Tutorial
Really understated way to wear the gradient lip trend.


DIY Lace Lip Tutorial

lip,face,nose,violet,purple, Via ladieschoice.org
I'm not sure where I'd wear this, but it's so cool.

What do you think, ladies? Do you think you would ever wear any of these lipstick looks? Why should our eyes get all the fun when it comes to makeup? Our lips to get their time to shine, too!

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I have medium skin . I think pale pink is the bomb !

pity no lipsticks for dark skin. just one picture, please?

Wow these are all great lip tutorials. But i didnt think the second lip tutorial was that amazing. @fulvia they are all great lip tutorials but i understand what you mean about them not being very helpful with lip color choices for darkskin sistas

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