New Cannabis Oil Infused Mascara on the Market ...

By Winie

New Cannabis Oil Infused Mascara on the Market ...

Milk Makeup introduce cannabis oil infused mascara!!

Get ready to go shopping this weekend beauty influencers! Milk Makeup is releasing a new product that you may want to purchase. While there are various successful makeup brands out there, Milk Makeup is unique because it is actually a vegan makeup brand.

They are releasing a new mascara called Kush Mascara. Yes, Kush as in marijuana. This product will be infused with cannabis oil and your lashes will have 15 times more volume. The cost is $24 and it will be sold online at Sephora and The official release date is April 20.

Instructions say that the more coats you apply, the more volume your eyelashes will have. The brush prevents clumps like many other typical mascara brushes and it comes in a silver tube. What makes cannabis oil infused mascara so great?

According to Cosmopolitan, Milk Makeup added cannabis oil to create a creamy texture so it can allow a smoother application on lashes, which also helps it become easily removable. A few ingredients that are included are a pure pigment, poppy seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. The brand could’ve gone the normal route like other mascara brands by using beeswax, but that would’ve gone against their choice to promote a vegan product.

A few disadvantages could be the fact that the mascara doesn’t seem to be waterproof. So be careful if you’re thinking about taking a swim in the pool or going to the beach to catch a few waves. Another mishap might be the oiliness of the mascara. It’s great that the mascara can be removed easily since it’s infused with essential oils but applying too much coating could possibly cause slippery lashes.

On a positive note, your lashes shouldn’t be cakey or clumpy. It shouldn’t be too difficult to apply a coat either. Check your local stores now!

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