11 Worst Makeup Brands out There ...


11 Worst Makeup Brands out There ...
11 Worst Makeup Brands out There ...

Scouring through all of the makeup brands out there to find some of the worst makeup brands is really hard girls! But I have done it. I've found all of the worst makeup brands on the market right now! Now, I know some of you might not agree, but these are just the makeup brands that haven't worked for me and somehow, I always have a problem with. So girls, whether you agree with me or not, take a look below to see my top 8 worst makeup brands out there!

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CoverGirl,beauty,cosmetics,lip,brand, I know what you are thinking, 'why would Covergirl be #1?'. Well girls, I have never, ever found a Covergirl makeup product that I've liked. From their powder all the way to their mascara, I haven't been able to find a product that does what it is supposed to and that actually works. That's one of the reasons why this is my #1 worst makeup brand out there!


Covergirl is a cosmetics brand that has been around for decades, and is well known for its iconic ads featuring famous models and celebrities. Despite its long history and presence in the beauty industry, Covergirl has been receiving a lot of criticism lately for its products not living up to expectations. Many customers have found that the products don't work as well as they should, and don't last as long as they should.

Covergirl has been accused of using low-quality ingredients in their products, which can lead to irritation and breakouts. Additionally, many of their products are heavily fragranced, which can be irritating to sensitive skin. Furthermore, some of their products contain parabens, which can be linked to health risks.

In terms of pricing, Covergirl products are generally more expensive than other brands in the same category. This can be off-putting for some customers, especially those on a budget. Additionally, their products are often only available in limited shades, which can be problematic for those with darker skin tones.

Overall, Covergirl has a long history in the cosmetics industry, but many customers are not happy with the quality of their products. Their products are often overpriced, and don't work as well as they should.



eye,beauty,face powder,product,organ, NYC is one of those brands that again, I've never had any luck with. Admittedly, I have only tried their foundation and their mascara, but both product left me uncovered and left my lashes bare. If you are looking for quality, NYC is not one of the best makeup brands for that. I think they are a little on the cheaper side, that might be the reasoning behind making their products cheap.


NYC is a makeup brand that is known for its affordability, but the quality of their products is not the best. Many people who have tried their foundation and mascara have found that the coverage is not great and their mascara does not provide enough volume to the lashes. This might be due to the fact that NYC products are made with cheaper ingredients.

In addition to their foundation and mascara, NYC also makes eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and other products. However, many people find that the pigmentation of these products is not very good and that they do not last very long. The colors also tend to be quite muted and not as vibrant as other brands.

Overall, NYC is not one of the best makeup brands out there. While their products may be affordable, they are not the most reliable when it comes to quality. If you are looking for quality makeup, it is best to look elsewhere. There are plenty of other brands that offer better products at a similar price range.

Frequently asked questions

A makeup brand might be bad if it has poor product reviews, ingredients that cause skin irritation, lacks long-lasting wear, and doesn't provide the results it promises. Additionally, if a brand has unethical practices or doesn't meet safety standards, it may be considered bad.

The worst makeup brands often have issues like causing allergic reactions or breakouts, using low-quality or harmful ingredients, having poor color payoff, and offering products that wear off quickly or don't work as advertised.

Yes, some makeup brands can be bad for your skin, especially if they contain irritants, allergens, or pore-clogging ingredients. Always check for non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic labels if you have sensitive skin.

Yes, some makeup brands still test on animals. If you're against animal testing, look for brands that are certified cruelty-free or have a clear policy against animal testing.

If a makeup brand causes irritation, stop using it immediately and wash off the product. If the irritation persists, consult a dermatologist. Consider doing patch tests before using new makeup in the future.

Yes, popular makeup brands can have counterfeit products sold by unauthorized retailers. These fake products often have lower quality and can be harmful. Always buy from authorized retailers or directly from the brand.

To avoid buying from the worst makeup brands, research products before purchasing, read reviews, check ingredients, and buy from reputable sources. Also, look for recommendations from trusted beauty experts or friends.

Ingredient transparency is important because it allows consumers to know what's in their makeup, avoid harmful or unwanted ingredients, and make informed choices, especially those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Not necessarily. While some expensive makeup brands offer high-quality products, price does not always guarantee quality. Some affordable makeup brands also provide excellent products, so it's important to evaluate each brand individually.

Look for makeup brands that use sustainable ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, have a recycling program, and actively work to reduce their carbon footprint. Also, consider brands with vegan or organic product lines.


Wet 'n' Wild

face,beauty,eye,organ,cosmetics, When I was a teenager, Wet 'n' Wild was all the rage, nowadays, I don't think I can purchase anything from this brand! It's a great brand for eyeshadow if you are looking for something on the less expensive side, but as far as lasting? This isn't a product that lasts a long time or that is going to provide you a whole lot of coverage. Give a try to something a little bit more expensive girls if you want really good coverage!


Rimmel London Foundations

beauty,lotion,skin,product,cream, Rimmel London as a whole is not a horrible brand of makeup, but their foundations? They just don't know how to make foundation! I've tried a bunch of different kinds of Rimmel London foundations and I just can't seem to find one that works for me! So, sorry Rimmel fans, this is one of my worst makeup brands!


Among the issues with Rimmel London Foundations are their problematic formulas that often result in a cakey or greasy finish, which is a major letdown. The shade range is also lacking, with limited options for diverse skin tones, making it a challenge for many to find a perfect match. The wear time is another disappointment; it doesn't hold up well throughout the day, leading to a less-than-flawless look within hours. What's particularly frustrating is the potential for breakouts, as some users find their skin reacting poorly to the ingredients used. Overall, these foundations seem to miss the mark quite spectacularly.



beauty,product,nail polish,cosmetics,hand, E.L.F. Is a newer brand of makeup for me, but I still have scoured every product and I haven't found one that works for me. The foundation doesn't cover anything, the mascara is not anything to talk about and their lipstick doesn't stay put! What do you think about this worst makeup brand? Do you like it at all?


E.L.F. is a relatively new brand of makeup, founded in 2004. Their products range from skincare to cosmetics, and they are widely available at many drugstores and online retailers. However, many customers have reported that the quality of their products is not up to par with other makeup brands. The foundation does not provide enough coverage, the mascara is not very effective, and the lipstick does not stay put. Additionally, some of the products have been found to contain potentially harmful ingredients, such as parabens and synthetic fragrances.

In addition to the quality issues, many customers have also complained about the customer service provided by E.L.F. Many customers have reported that they have had difficulty getting in touch with customer service representatives, and that they have received unsatisfactory responses when they did. Furthermore, many customers have reported that their orders were either lost in transit or shipped late.

Overall, E.L.F. is not the best choice for makeup. The quality of their products is not up to par with other brands, and their customer service is lacking. If you are looking for a reliable makeup brand, it is best to look elsewhere.

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beauty,skin,cosmetics,eyelash,eye, You might be surprised to see a popular makeup brand on here, but Neutrogena should stick to skincare. Not only does their makeup run, but I can't seem to find a mascara that works like any Maybelline mascara or any foundation that works like Revlon foundation.


Neutrogena is a well-known skincare brand that has been around since the 1930s. However, when it comes to makeup, this brand falls short. Not only does their makeup run easily, but they also don’t have any mascaras that can compare to Maybelline or any foundation that can compare to Revlon. Furthermore, most of their makeup products contain chemical ingredients that can be harsh on the skin and cause irritation.

The brand also has a limited range of colors, so it can be difficult to find the right shade for your skin tone. Additionally, Neutrogena’s makeup products are often too expensive for what you get. Many of their products are not long-lasting and require frequent reapplication.

Overall, Neutrogena is a great choice when it comes to skincare, but it is not the best choice when it comes to makeup. If you are looking for a good quality makeup brand, it is best to look elsewhere. There are many other brands on the market that offer better quality products at more affordable prices.


Too Faced

Too Faced,eye,pink,beauty,organ, Too Faced is another brand of makeup that is a little new to me and I have only tried a couple of their products, but they don't seem to work. Their eyeliner, you have to press so hard to get it out and they don't have a whole lot of powder choices. So girls, I know this is a popular brand, what do you think about it?


Too Faced is a popular makeup brand founded in 1998 by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. It is known for its innovative, high-quality beauty products, including eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras, and lipsticks. The company is also committed to using natural ingredients, such as cocoa powder and coconut oil, in their products.

Too Faced is known for its vibrant and unique packaging, which often features bright colors and whimsical designs. The company also prides itself on its cruelty-free formulas, with no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients.

However, some customers have found that Too Faced products do not always live up to expectations. The eyeliner can be difficult to apply, and the powder selection is limited. Additionally, some customers have complained that the products are not long-lasting and tend to crease and fade quickly.

Overall, Too Faced is a popular brand with a strong commitment to cruelty-free beauty. However, some customers have found that the products do not always live up to expectations. If you are looking for a reliable brand that offers high-quality and long-lasting makeup, Too Faced may not be the best option.


Mary Kay

beauty,skin,product,brand,hand, Finally, Mary Kay has to be my last worst makeup brand out there. I've tried quite a few makeup products from Mary Kay and they never work! I've tried their color corrector, their concealer, their mascara and their foundation and none of them made my skin look flawless! Sorry all of you consultants out there, but Mary Kay just isn't for me.


Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing company founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. It is one of the world's largest direct sellers of skin care and cosmetics products. The company operates in more than 35 countries and offers a wide range of products, including foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow. In addition to makeup, Mary Kay also sells skin care and bath and body products.

Unfortunately, many customers have found that Mary Kay's makeup products don't quite live up to the hype. Many people have complained that the products don't blend well, don't last long, and don't provide the coverage they promise. Additionally, some customers have reported that Mary Kay's makeup can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Despite these issues, Mary Kay has a large and loyal customer base. Many people swear by the company's products, citing their affordability and the convenience of buying them from a Mary Kay consultant. Additionally, Mary Kay is known for its generous return policy, which allows customers to return any product for a full refund.


Max Factor

beauty,eye,organ,cosmetics,lip, Some dermatologists recommend skipping Max Factor because it can cause cause problems for those who have acne. When you suffer from breakouts, you must be careful what you put on your skin to keep things under control. If Max Factor causes you problem, quit using it.


Keep in mind that cosmetic products, including those from Max Factor, can vary in formulation. While some may experience issues, others might not face the same concerns. It is always wise to do a patch test before applying a new makeup product extensively. Also, consider looking for non-comedogenic options that are designed not to clog pores, a feature that can significantly help those with acne-prone skin. Remember, makeup is quite personal, so finding a brand that works well with your skin type is key.



cosmetics,mascara,lip,ROCKET,VOLUM', Specifically, the mascara is one that gets consistently low reviews. many users say it smells bad and that it removes all the curl from your lashes. Low user ratings are a pretty reliable way of finding the best products for you.


Maybelline is a cosmetics brand that has been around since 1915. They are widely known for their mascaras, but the Rocket Volum Mascara has been receiving consistently low reviews from customers. Many users have reported that the mascara smells bad and that it removes all the curl from their lashes. This is why it is important to take customer reviews into consideration when looking for the best makeup products. Maybelline has a wide range of other makeup products, including foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick, but it is important to read reviews to make sure you are getting the best quality product for your needs.


Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen,beauty,skin,product,eye, Many of the products from Sally Hansen get a low user rating. Some say the products don't do what they say they will while others are funny looking or fade off too fast. This might not apply to all products, but you might find that some don't meet your standards.

So girls, what other worst makeup brands are out there? Do you have any that I haven't named? Remember, this is just my list, you might have your own! Everyone has their own favorites and preferred brands so don't be hurt to see one of yours on this list. Sound off on the comments below.

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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I love Covergirl, but my least favorite brand is Hard Candy!

MAC all dayyy ;)

My favorite makeup brand is BEnefit!!!!!

Your reviews for this article were pretty arbitrary. "This didn't work for me" and "Didn't try too many of their products", with little to say what you found objectionable. You might as well have saved yourself the effort and other people the time they wasted to read this inadequate evaluation, and talked instead about products you do like and why.

Just because you don't personally like something doesn't (in my opinion) validate the choice to write an article claiming something as 'the worst' products. I use Cover Girl products every day, as well as Revlon, Maybelline, NYC liquid eye liner, and ELF eyelid primer. I find them to work well

Mary Kay is the only foundation that works for me the cream to powder foundation covers lasts all day and works with my Mexican American yellow skin

Not to be rude, but I don't understand why you are giving bad reviews for an entire BRAND. You've only tried 3 products.

#10 I just got to say your being rude.

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