7 of the Most Popular Chanel Nail Polishes ...


7 of the Most Popular Chanel Nail Polishes ...
7 of the Most Popular Chanel Nail Polishes ...

Chanel nail polish is available in a range of colours. New and limited edition ones are constantly being released that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what’s out there. But there are certain colours that gain cult status and garner a reputation as being more popular than the rest. If you’re after a new nail polish by Chanel, take a look at a few of the more popular shades around.

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Vamp This Chanel nail polish colour is a modern classic. Its blackened red shade has become a signature of the brand. This nail polish is so popular that it even has its own Wikipedia page. It flew off the shelves after being introduced in 1994, and was reintroduced to the permanent collection in 2000 where it’s been a best seller since.


Black Satin

Black Satin Remember when black nail polish was all the rage? This shade was popular with many celebrities and as a result quickly sold out in stores. Luckily Chanel reintroduced it as part of its permanent collection.



Dragon If you want a timeless red colour for your fingers, you can’t look past this Chanel nail polish. Red nail polish is a must-have in any collection and this glossy polish comes in the perfect red shade. Wearing this polish on your nails will glam up any outfit.



Particuliere This greyish coloured nail polish is a bit divisive. Some people love it while others, not so much. It became a trending colour during 2009 and 2010, and was seen on the manicured hands of many a trendsetter and celebrity. If you’re undecided on this colour why not try it out for yourself?



Vendetta Stand out from the crowd in this shimmery purple Chanel nail polish. While it may appear quite dark in the bottle, the multi-hued shimmer gives it extra depth when applied. Purple nail polish may not be for everyone, but this one is definitely worth trying out.



Ballerina A subtle, pale pink nail polish is perfect for wearing on an everyday basis. This Ballerina shade has warm undertones that prevent it from appearing too pink and stark. If an understated manicure is what you’re after then this is the perfect colour for achieving it.



Jade While the other polishes on this list are permanent parts of the Chanel collection, Jade was one of the most popular limited edition shades. This Chanel nail polish was an instant hit and sold out everywhere. You’d be extremely lucky to be able to get your hands on it nowadays.

Many Chanel nail polishes are limited edition colours, so if there’s one you love it’s wise to snap it up immediately before it sells out. However, if you miss out there are still plenty of tried and true favourites in the permanent collection. What’s your favourite Chanel nail polish colour?

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I love the word Dragon so no doubt i'm gonna buy Chanel's Dragon .......lol

I once had Chanel Balerina and LOVED it! It's the only nail polish that I can wear for weeks without damaging my nails. Excellent post!

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