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7 Reasons I Love M.a.C ...

By Jelena

Every girl has her favorite brand of cosmetics and a couple of pretty good reasons for staying true to that brand. Well, mine would be MAC and, yes, there are a few pretty darn good reasons I love MAC so much. You see, I tend to be quite petty, always expecting to get what I’ve paid for and M.A.C is one brand that has never disappointed me. Allow me to elaborate on that, please, by giving you 7 reasons I love M.A.C and all those wonderful products.

1 Pigments

All those wonderful, colorful pigments are definitely one of the biggest reasons I love M.A.C so much. The package is huge so you don’t have to ration them or save them for special occasions, they are easy to blend, great to play with and, of course, long lasting. Yes, that’s true- in some cases, my eye makeup lasted more than the actual party! Now, back to the “huge package” part as that is another pro I want to bring to your attention. If you have a friend (or two) who like the same shade you do and you’re currently strapped for cash, you can buy it together. It’s actually a great savings strategy because even the half of the pigment portion lasts forever!

2 Helpful Staff

I love the fact that you can just walk in, give a vague description of the product you’ve seen on the internet and expect the sales assistant to know what you’re talking about. People in this shop are truly amazing, they know a lot about the products and are ready to help you choose the products that are right for you. Loving M.A.C because of this has nothing to do with the actual cosmetics, I know, but it has a lot to do with me and my feelings as a customer and that counts for something, too.


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3 Special Offers

I’ve been told that in some shops you can ask free samples of everything you like and that sometimes people even get free makeovers or a free product or two. I’ve never been so lucky but I do like a good sale and that’s something my shop never lacks. But my dear M.A.C also has one very interesting campaign that combines recycling and beauty, a campaign that gives something back to all M.A.C fans! So, if you want to know more about it, just keep reading…

4 Quality and Quantity

When you buy M.A.C (and I’m talking about the real stuff, not those copies that are being sold by shady websites) you know you’ll get a product you’ll love, use often and still wonder if that darn thing magically refills itself while you’re not looking or what! M.A.C is not into advertising or talking people into buying their stuff so the only encouragement to do your shopping in their stores is the one you’ll get from happy customers like me.

5 Creativity Boost

I like to experiment with different looks which go from totally neutral to almost bizarre and things bought at this store are the ones that inspire me the most so that’s also one of the reasons I love M.A.C, too. I’ve stuffed pigments into everything from lip glosses and nail polishes to my sister’s UV gels and, although it didn’t always turn out great, the whole process was a lot of fun. If you like eyeliner and enjoy experimenting with different looks, try Fluidline- I’ve even done a full, extremely black eye runway look with it once and the result was just “wow”!

6 Philanthropy

This brand doesn’t test its products on animals and has a few inspiring campaigns so I’m definitely adding those to the list of reasons I love M.A.C. Did you know this cosmetic company donates 100% of its earnings on Viva Glam products for helping people and children with AIDS? Have you used the benefits of their “Back To MAC” green program which allows you to return 6 empty product packages and get a lipstick for free? Yup, you know about it now, so once you’re finished with those products you have, you’ll know what to do in order to save the planet and have gorgeous, perfectly painted lips.

7 Budget-friendly

As I’ve said previously, if you’re buying pigments you can split the cost and that huge package with a friend interested in the same shade. But, M.A.C offers more than pigments, we all know that, and although their products are not exactly cheap, they are still cheaper and, I dare to add, BETTER than most other widely advertised ones. All of the stuff I bought looked and smelled perfectly from the moment I bought them to their expiration date.

Well, those were the reasons I love M.A.C and just bit more down, in the comments section, you’ll have the chance to write down yours. Do you love M.A.C and, if that answer is, “Yes”, what are your favorite products?

Top Photo Credit: Elisa Garcia Maia

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