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You might be surprised to know all the reasons to try dollar store make-up. Sure, we all hit up the local dollar (or pound) store for craft supplies, envelopes, balloons, party stuff and maybe even a few holiday decorations. But maybe you’ve never taken a walk down their cosmetics aisle or you avoid it because how good could make-up that only costs a buck really be? Pretty good, it turns out. According to many experts, it might be just as good as the pricey stuff. While that’s a matter of opinion and preference, there are some really good reasons to try dollar store make-up.

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It’s Cheap

Maybe you don’t know how you’ll like blue on your fingernails or you want to try a new shade of lip gloss. Before you shell out the big bucks at your favorite make-up counter, give things a whirl with a cheaper version. That way if you don’t like it, you’re only out a dollar. Now that’s got to be one of the best reasons to try dollar store make-up.


Last Year’s Stuff

I don’t mean that it expired last year. I mean that it’s colors that were trending last year, but might not be so hot anymore. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still good or that they won’t still look fabulous. It just means that they aren’t as popular in stores as they were originally. That means you can find great stuff for a fraction of the price. Score!


Overflow Products

I once went to my local dollar store and was able to stock up on Hanes sweatshirts for my kids, Crayola products, Pixos art supplies and name brand stuffed animals. Why? Because the retail store had ordered too many and couldn’t sell them all. The solution – make as much as possible by selling them to the dollar store. The company itself will sometimes do this if they manufacture more than they are able to use to fill orders. You might be able to find great make-up with a brand name label on it!


Slightly Strange

Maybe the cosmetics counter wanted that blush to be just a touch pinker or that nail polish to be shinier. While the product itself might look perfectly fine to the layperson (that’s us), it didn't meet quality control standards. The company can market these “mistakes” at the dollar store and still recoup some of the cost. Just don’t get too attached to any one color because you may never see it again.


Better than Pricey

According to some consumers who tried make-up at Poundland in England, some of the products were almost better than really expensive ones. For example, one user said an eyeliner was precise and smooth and another said a nail polish dried in no time. You never know for sure, but you might find out that you love a specific dollar store product. You’ll never know unless you give them a try.


Buy in Bulk

You can often totally load up on a certain product by shopping at dollar store’s online sites. For example, the Dollar Tree lets you buy lots of their merchandise in bulk. Say you’re having a sleepover for your five year old daughter. Load up on nail polish for manicures and party favors without going broke.



The dollar store is definitely the place to go if you want a wide range of choices that change all the time. Chances are you won’t always find the same things every time you go to the dollar store. That’s great if you are always on the hunt for new products to try and if you love changing up your look all the time.

Do you shop at the dollar store? Have you ever bought make-up there? How did it work out for you?

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yes i agree, CVS is a great cheap makeup store

Oh my!! :o

I can't ever see buying or using makeup or even hygiene products from the dollar store. When it comes to your face, spend the extra money

Most are loaded with chemicals that will ruin your skin. I'd never put any of that on my face

You should also be careful some of the cheaper brands or knock offs have lead or metal in them that can be harmful to your body.

E.L.F. Has some great stuff

I think I'd rather spend an extra few dollars at walmart...

I don't have anything against dollar store brands but very few of them stay on my face for more than two hours. Even with primer

Full of chemicals...

I don't think dollar store make up is such a good idea, you don't know what's in it, but drug store brands can be very nice as long as you know they are quality

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