7 Signs That You Wear Too Much Makeup ...

Signs you wear too much makeup aren’t that difficult to spot, lovelies! If you do, the chances are you already are well aware of it but are simply refusing to actually acknowledge it. Now, I do not mean to point any fingers because I’ve been guilty of this too, just want to point out that wearing too much makeup doesn’t really benefit you in any way and is actually a bad habit we all should try to give up sooner rather than later. Don’t wait a second longer, do not hide your face and don’t let the guy you like refuse you for “being too made up” – check out these following signs you wear too much makeup, do your best to determine what (if anything) has gone wrong in your makeup routine and find a way to get back on track.

1. People Don’t Recognize You without Makeup

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Uh-oh! Speaking about red lights – if even the best of friends tend to stare at you for a few seconds with their expressions blank and pretty much every bit of “Do we know each other?” you need to revise your makeup routine ASAP! We all look much better with makeup on, of course, but being unrecognizable is rarely good and usually one of those sure signs you wear too much makeup… probably all the time.

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