7 Ways to Tell if You Have Too Much Makeup on ...


7 Ways to Tell if You Have Too Much Makeup on ...
7 Ways to Tell if You Have Too Much Makeup on ...

Ways to Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On: you'd think a quick peek in the mirror would be the best indication, but sometimes, that's not all it takes. I love makeup, but you have to know ALL the** ways to tell if you have too much makeup on**. Wearing makeup, applying it to myself or friends, shopping for it or helping a friend shop for it — I love anything to do with makeup! But, just like any other thing in life, there have to be boundaries and guidelines when it comes to applying makeup. Your goal should be to enhance the natural beauty that is already there, not cover it up! And I often hear people wondering how to tell if they're wearing too much of it. Well, there are specific ways! You can apply your makeup in moderation using these guidelines! Want to know how to keep from looking as though you have on a mask? Keep on reading my article for 7 ways to tell if you have too much makeup on and you will be a pro!

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When applying makeup, the standard rule is to let one feature stand out. NOT all of them! That means you don't need bright red lipstick AND a dark smokey eye AND bright pink cheeks. Choose one feature to stand out, and keep the others neutral or minimal. That's the key to looking fresh and beautiful!


You Have a "Tan-line" between Your Jaw and Neck

If there's one pet peeve I have, it's seeing people who have an obvious foundation line on their skin. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly! You can't "fake" a tan by getting foundation three shades darker! That's what bronzer is for! But always make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. That's the best way to tell if you have too much makeup on!


Your Fingers Are Clean

Never underestimate the power of blending to majorly tone down a look! It's not necessary for you to completely rub away your makeup, but by blending and smudging colors together, you can greatly reduce the "painted" look. You can use your fingers or a blending tool, or even a Q-tip, but whatever you use, make sure it's clean! You don't want to be sticking something dirty near your eyes or mouth.


There's Lipstick on Your Teeth

If there is lipstick on your teeth, it's a sure way to tell you if you have too much makeup on. Wipe it off and start over. You should apply one thin coat and blend it well. If you are going for a darker look then you can apply several thin coats. Just be sure not to glop it on!


You Forgot to Check in Natural Light

One of the best ways to tell if you have too much makeup on is by checking in natural light. Grab a hand mirror and head to the nearest window to make sure that nothing makes you look washed out. Also check to make sure everything you used matches your skin tone. Natural lighting is the best because it doesn't lie or make things look different like fluorescent bathroom lights can do!


You Used Every Shade in the Compact

I love buying matching eye quads or palettes with 25 different shades in them. But just because you HAVE that many colors doesn't necessarily mean you need to USE them all. Sometimes it can be fun to experiment and very cautiously mix colors, and especially with lipstick or lip gloss. But that's only very carefully! You don't need a rainbow of colors going on so take care that your look stays natural and pretty!


It Takes You 15 Minutes 7o Wash It off at Night

I always wash my face at night. That's one thing that I never go to bed without doing. And you should make it a habit too! But when it takes you longer to wash your makeup off than it did to put it on, that's one of the ways to tell if you have too much makeup on! Make sure that you choose a face wash or makeup remover that is effective, but there should be no need to pull and scrub and tug at skin to remove makeup. If so, you have on way too much!

As you can see, there are lots of ways to tell if you have too much makeup on. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Most guys prefer a girl to be natural than a girl who's wearing "cake-up" which means that she has makeup caked onto her face. So stop hiding behind your makeup and let your natural glow shine through! When you leave the house, don't forget to follow some of the ways to tell if you have too much makeup on, so you know for sure you look your best when you go out. Do you have any tips or ways to tell if you have to much makeup on? Please comment below and share them with us!

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now THAT was a scary face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously so true, too many girls are over doing it... Once this girl came over to my friends house and she lay down on the leather couch. When she got up there was an imprint of her face on the couch from all the damn make up she was wearing... eugh

The only thing I CAN'T do right is finding a foundation that matches my skin. I'm so pale, even the lightest colors are too dark! :(

wow.. really true tnx for the the amazing tips

This was VERY helpful!! Thank you

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