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Sometimes it’s good to evaluate your foundation to determine if it’s still meeting your needs. It’s easy to fall into the pattern of buying the same foundation over and over again out of habit. But there are times you need a change. These are 7 signs you need a new foundation.

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You’ve Been Wearing the Same One for Years

There’s a line of thought that says if something’s not broke then don’t fix it and there’s wisdom in that. It may be that your foundation is still working for you and there’s no need to change it. But it’s good to keep an open mind and see what’s out there. There are new foundation formulas being created all the time. You could find one you love more than the one you’re currently using.


Your Skin Needs Have Changed

As time passes, our skin changes and so does what we need from our foundation. You may be wearing a foundation that was good for your acne, but you’ve outgrown that stage of your life. You may have once had oily skin, but it’s changed to more of a combination type skin. Evaluate your current skin needs and if your foundation works for them. There could be a foundation out there that would work better for you.


You’re Bored with Yours

This is where I‘m at. I like my current foundation and it’s working for me, but I’m bored with it. I want to try something new. This happens sometimes, especially if you’ve been using the same product for a long time. It’s fun to try new products and enjoy seeing what options are out there.


Your Skin Coloring is Different Now

While we all have our own unique coloring, and it can vary between a few shades. You may have stopped tanning and need something a little lighter. You might be spending more time outdoors now and need something a little darker. Rather than always buying the same shade and foundation on autopilot, take a moment to evaluate if you need something different. It could make a big difference.


Your Current Foundation is Causing Breakouts

If you’re dealing with breakouts and can’t find the cause, consider your foundation. My daughter can only use certain brands of foundation without breaking out and this is true for others as well. There are foundation formulas out there for sensitive skin, acne prone skin and more. One of those might be the solution for you. It could make your breakouts a thing of the past.


Your Current Foundation Looks Cakey

I hate the look of cakey foundation! It can age you like nothing else. If you’ve got this issue, look for another foundation ASAP. It could shave years off of your face. Primer can help give you a smoother finish but if a foundation is truly prone to caking then it’s best to change formulas.


You’ve Gotten Comments That It Isn’t Working for You

If you’re getting comments that your foundation isn’t working then go shopping, girl! You deserve makeup that enhances your beauty, not takes away from it. Not everyone would make such a comment, but a close friend might feel comfortable sharing this with you. If they do, be thankful for their honesty. It’s better to know than not know.

These are 7 signs it’s time to change your foundation. Are you looking for a new foundation? How long have you been wearing your current one?

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Does someone knows a good oil free foundation ?

Actually, this totally applies to me! I recently got a different foundation from my usual, it's the smashbox foundation and its absolutely amazing! Big difference!

Anyone else using Tarte foundation and concealer and your pores are getting very clogged?? I bought it a year ago from Ulta and it worked perfect for me. It blended into my skin flawlessly. Recently thought it has been making me breakout and my sister too!

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