7 Spring Makeup Lines to Look Forward to ...


7 Spring Makeup Lines to Look Forward to ...
7 Spring Makeup Lines to Look Forward to ...

With all of the spring makeup lines out there for 2013, it's so hard to choose the ones that I am super excited about trying! If you don't constantly keep up on all of the spring makeup lines coming out, don't worry! I've got you covered! I've got everything from Chanel all the way to Burberry and exactly what they have in their spring makeup lines. So, are you ready to take a trip down all of my favorite makeup collections for spring?

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Chanel Spring Makeup Collection

Chanel Spring Makeup Collection I love all of Chanel's makeup. I think that not only does it stay on beautifully, but it's one of those makeup brands that truly comes up with amazing products! With that said, have you checked into all that Chanel has to offer this spring? This is absolutely one of the most amazing spring makeup lines out there. This line is all about pale pinks, beautiful nudes and some amazing corals!


YSL Spring Makeup Collection

YSL Spring Makeup Collection Now, if you are thinking that you want a lot of color this spring, a lot of metallic and a ton of different greens, pinks and blues, this is the spring makeup line for you! I love, love the brand new chromatic eyeshadow that YSL has come up with and there are several different cool-toned blushes!


Lancome 'in Love' Spring 2013 Collection

Lancome 'in Love' Spring 2013 Collection I love that Emma Watson is the beautiful face of this line! A. I love Emma and B. this line needs someone like her! This line is by far my favorite spring line. It's all about pops of bubble gum pink, beautiful jades, hot blues, shimmery emeralds and tons of different lipsticks, lip glosses, dewy mist and nail polishes. If you want the ultimate spring collection in makeup, this is it!


NARS Spring 2013 Collection

NARS Spring 2013 Collection If you are a bold, edgy girl that is looking for a rockstar spring collection, this is it! It's full of bright, brilliant blues, awesome yellows and amazing brick reds. It's full of blush, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail polishes and bronzer. I love this collection when I am feeling a little bold and need some color in my face!


Burberry Siren Red Runway Spring Collection

Burberry Siren Red Runway Spring Collection If you are looking for something that is super feminine, totally glowing and is inspired by the mood and energy in the spring, this is the makeup collection for you! It's full of beautiful and bright pinks, tons of corals and all kinds of bright poppy reds. It's the ideal spring collection for the office!


MAC 'Extra Dimension' Spring Makeup Collection 2013

MAC 'Extra Dimension' Spring Makeup Collection 2013 Now, I couldn't have a list of spring makeup collections without having MAC on it! This incredible Extra Dimension spring collection is all about brand new eyeshadow tones, brilliant lip colors and amazing blushes! I love this collection and it's full of pigments, which means it will last a really long time!


Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Spring Collection

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Spring Collection If you want amazing spring colors, awesome skincare plans and an incredible combination that is floral and natural, this is the collection for you! This collection is packed with everything you need to get your face beautiful and keep your skin looking fresh and pretty!

These are just a few of my favorite spring collections, there are others out there! Do you have a favorite makeup brand with a spring collection you've been dying to discover? Share it below!

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Oh yeah thanks so much heather

Love love love this article! Anything makeup...im there! Chanel lipstick is bellaaaa <3

I have just started putting on some make up can I have some tips on what looks good on tan skin and also what are some good brands to use:)

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