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There are beauty dos and don’ts for every season and summer is no exception. Just like our clothes change out with each season, our makeup should reflect some changes, too. Those changes should be not only in the products we use but in the way we apply makeup, also. This guide of summer beauty dos and don’ts will point you in the right direction.

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Do Remember Less is More in the Summer

Do Remember Less is More in the Summer Less really is more in the summer. You don’t want to look overdone. You do not need to be as heavy handed in the summer as you are in the winter. It can take a few tweaks to get it figured out but you can do it. This is one of the important summer beauty dos and don’ts.


Do Fight the Shine Summer Brings on

Do Fight the Shine Summer Brings on Summer, with all of its wonderful and lovely warmness, brings on the shine. No one wants to look shiny. It is a combination of your skin having more moisture in it than in the winter, sweat and other factors. Switch to a matte formula foundation if this is a problem for you. You can also try some oil blotting cloths, which are wonderful.


Don’t Go for Winter Colors

Don’t Go for Winter Colors Summer means a change in the colors of makeup you wear, too. Pack away your brown and berry lipstick and nail polish shades till fall. Bring out the coral, pink and bright raspberry. If you don’t have lipstick and nail polish in those colors, it is time to go shopping for some. Paired with a neutral eye look, it will be beautiful and summery.


Do Switch up Your Lip Products

Do Switch up Your Lip Products We just talked about switching up your colors for summer in lipsticks and nails. It is also good to switch up the form of lip products you are using. Gloss, stains and lip butters are great options for summer. They are sheerer and have more of a summery feel. My favorite summer lip products are Revlon Lip Butters.


Do Carry Makeup Removing Cloths

Do Carry Makeup Removing Cloths We do a lot of things that mess up our makeup in the summer. We sweat, we swim and many other things that can make our makeup look less than perfect. Carry some makeup removing cloths for those times when you need to get a fresh start. There are many brands to choose from. You are sure to find one you fall in love with.


Don’t Wear Makeup without SPF

Don’t Wear Makeup without SPF This is a very important don’t. Don’t wear makeup without SPF in it. It is best to wear a makeup with SPF year round but it is especially important in the summer. We are outdoors more in the summer and the sun is stronger. If you don’t have one with SPF, add it to your shopping list.


Do Let Your Freckles Show through

Do Let Your Freckles Show through This one is a matter of personal preference but freckles are so lovely and summery. If you have them, consider letting them show through. Go for a lighter foundation. You may be self-conscious about them but the truth is many people admire your sunkissed look. BB Creams and tinted moisturizers are the way to go if you want to let them show.

These are 7 summer beauty dos and don’ts to help you out this season. What are some rules you follow for yourself? I always read my comments!

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I use brownish black mascara during the summer.

I disagree with packing away winter colors, instead use them differently. A berry lipstick with your natural freckles, a nice tan glow and some mascara can be gorgeous. There are no rules to makeup ladies.


Always wear a hat when in the sun. Once you know you have skin cancer believe you me,you are very vigilant!

take an umbrella to avoid too much sun exposure!

Again with the dos and dont's? How about do whatever makes you feel awesome and don't concern yourself too much with any "rules"? And yes, the "winter" colours rule is just silly. The Mac/Lorde collaboration just came out and it's stunning and vampy; why would anyone wait to wear it just because it's not fall yet?

karolinq kurkova!!!!

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