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9 Switches to Make in Your Beauty Routine ...

By Sophia

Change your beauty routine for the better this season by making a few simple switches. Right now, there is an emphasis on fresh and fuss-free beauty looks. As your beauty routine changes in the summer months, you might find yourself wanting to streamline the number of products you use as well as switching to lighter formulations. The following are a few changes to your beauty routine to make right now.

Table of contents:

  1. Switch from foundation to tinted moisturiser
  2. Switch from matte lipsticks to stains
  3. Switch from smoky eyes to shimmers
  4. Switch from bronzer to a peach blush
  5. Switch from neutral polish to brights
  6. Switch from spray perfume to roll on
  7. Switch from pencil to liquid eyeliner
  8. Switch from powder to cream
  9. Switch your normal moisturiser for spf

1 Switch from Foundation to Tinted Moisturiser

Heavy foundations can have a tendency to clog your pores. Even more so in the sweaty summer months. Change your beauty routine by trying out a tinted moisturiser instead. The formulation is light and sheer but it still provides ample coverage.

2 Switch from Matte Lipsticks to Stains

When looking at changes to your beauty routine for the summer months, say bye-bye to heavy matte lipsticks and opt for a sheer stain instead. A berry coloured stain is perfect for achieving a fuss-free, natural look.

3 Switch from Smoky Eyes to Shimmers

While the smoky eye has been the height of chic in recent years, switch it up and go for subtle glamour with light and shimmery lids. Choose a gold or bronze colour palette to complement sun kissed summer skin.

4 Switch from Bronzer to a Peach Blush

Change your beauty routine by switching from bronzer to a peach coloured blush. While bronzers are usually quite popular for creating a sun kissed effect, a peach blush is great for adding a natural looking flush of colour to your cheeks.

5 Switch from Neutral Polish to Brights

Give your beauty routine a bit of a fun makeover by switching your safe neutral nail polish for something a bit more daring. Take cues from this season’s colour trends and try out a bright tangerine or neon polish.

6 Switch from Spray Perfume to Roll on

Trade in your spray on perfumes for a roll on style during the warmer months. Roll on perfumes tend to leave a more subtle scent and are also quite practical for stashing away in your handbag. Choose a roll on perfume in a light scent to take you through the season.

7 Switch from Pencil to Liquid Eyeliner

Simple changes to your beauty routine such as switching from pencil to liquid eyeliner can make all the difference. Create drama around the eyes, and work the popular 60s inspired trends, by using liquid eyeliner to create a winged effect. Leave your lids bare for a dramatic day time look, and team with coloured eyeshadows at night.

8 Switch from Powder to Cream

In a similar vein to the very first tip, which looked at switching your heavy duty foundations for lighter formulas, steer clear of cakey powders. Change your beauty routine by switching your powder blush for a cream formula. It will give off a dewy, fresh look which is on-trend for this season’s beauty looks.

9 Switch Your Normal Moisturiser for SPF

It’s important to always be aware of sun safety, so if you haven’t already then now is the time to start using a moisturiser with SPF protection. It might take a while to find a formulation that you are happy with, but applying an SPF moisturiser every day will make a difference in the long run.

From focusing on skincare to seasonal beauty trends, there is a range of ways to change your beauty routine this season. These are just a few switches that you may want to try out. What kind of changes to your beauty routine have you made recently?

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