7 Telling Signs You Could Be Addicted to Makeup ...


7 Telling Signs You Could Be Addicted to Makeup ...
7 Telling Signs You Could Be Addicted to Makeup ...

Have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to makeup? Do you wear makeup all the time and can’t see yourself going a day without it? Do you consider yourself somewhat of a beauty junkie who has to have all the latest and greatest beauty products? Find out whether you’re addicted to makeup and check out the 7 telltale signs below!

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Cosmetics Collector

When you’re addicted to makeup, hoarding makeup isn’t uncommon. Not only do you want the newest products but you just can’t seem to part with your existing stash. Do yourself and your skin a favor and get rid of old makeup. There’s no reason to keep outdated makeup that’s taking up space in your vanity or bathroom! If you find yourself buried in beauty products, make a deal with yourself that you’ll get rid of an old product to make room for the new one.


Makeup Makes Me High

Another classic sign of a makeup addict is when you get a rush buying makeup. Sure, I know shopping is fun. But, if you buy more than you can reasonably afford or hide your new makeup from others because you know they’re going to give you hell about it, you might be addicted to makeup! I know the great feeling you can get from getting something new, but don’t let it be your sole source of happiness and excitement.


Buyer Beware

Do you own multiples of the same beauty products? If you find yourself with 20 nude lipsticks, 14 taupe eye shadows and 6 lengthening mascaras, you could be dealing with an addiction. If you’re not a makeup artist and don’t require all that makeup, tone it down! Get rid of shades you haven’t used in months or don’t buy any more makeup until you finish what you have.


All Done up

You could be considered a makeup addict if you can’t go out without wearing any makeup. I totally get wanting to look nice and pulled together, but if you require a full face of makeup to go to the gym or even just to go to the mailbox, then you’re probably dealing with a serious addiction! Give your face a breather and try going out without makeup, you might even like it!


Primping Overtime

Another sign of being addicted to makeup is when you take forever to get ready! If you’re trying out some tricky eye look or are having trouble nailing contouring, it’s understandable. But makeup addicts can sometimes take hours to get ready because they have to look just perfect and that’s not healthy! You’re beautiful and your makeup should enhance your natural beauty and unique features, not cover it all up!


Makeup Madness

A sure sign of a beauty junkie is when you spend all or most of your spare time reading about, watching and learning about makeup. Do you find yourself watching makeup tutorials instead of sleeping? Do all of the sales associates at Sephora know you by name because you hang out there in your spare time? Beauty products can be a big part of our lives and I consider it to be a hobby of mine, but don’t let makeup stop you from living your life! Indulge in your addiction on occasion but don’t let it run your life!


Room Raider

A typical sign of being addicted to makeup is when you have dedicated spaces for your beauty products. Do you have multiple drawers dedicated to body lotions and cosmetics? Do you have boxes full of unused makeup in your room? There’s nothing wrong with having a room with your beauty items and vanity but if you have rooms that are packed to the brim with beauty products, you might want to go on a makeup diet!

Being addicted to makeup can be a label you’re proud of but there can be a dark side to it. I think many women, myself included, have a slight to moderate makeup addiction. It's just natural for us to have it right? So girls, what is your favorite makeup product? Share below!

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I don't care about my makeup addiction lol I'm happy with it XD

I cant stay away from it, i have so many tubes of mascara i lost track.. But its a great addiction and i wouldnt give it up :)

I think I should start a "makeup anonymous" group

I can definitely relate. I pick out my makeup look the nite before but run around the next morning trying to figure out what clothes to wear! I'd buy makeup before any other necessity!

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