7 Telling Signs You Could Be Addicted to Makeup ...


Have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to makeup? Do you wear makeup all the time and can’t see yourself going a day without it? Do you consider yourself somewhat of a beauty junkie who has to have all the latest and greatest beauty products? Find out whether you’re addicted to makeup and check out the 7 telltale signs below!

1. Cosmetics Collector

When you’re addicted to makeup, hoarding makeup isn’t uncommon. Not only do you want the newest products but you just can’t seem to part with your existing stash. Do yourself and your skin a favor and get rid of old makeup. There’s no reason to keep outdated makeup that’s taking up space in your vanity or bathroom! If you find yourself buried in beauty products, make a deal with yourself that you’ll get rid of an old product to make room for the new one.

Makeup Makes Me High
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