The Best Eyeshadow Look for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Best Eyeshadow Look for Your Zodiac Sign ...

When it comes to makeup, it would be fair to say that one particular area that can often get ignored is eyeshadow. We focus on lips, on mascara and on things like finding the perfect foundation, then sometimes eyeshadow can be treated as a bit of an afterthought. In addition to this, did you know that a lot of women actually end up choosing the wrong kind of eyeshadow look because that don’t understand what suits them best in that area? Let’s leave it up to astrology, shall we? Here is the best eyeshadow look for your zodiac sign!

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Red is the signature colour of a vibrant fire sign like yours, so the bolder the better! To display your natural passion, you should even match a deep red shadow with some glorious eye glitter for full effect.



You want to evoke a perfect combination of fierceness and daintiness, and purple is the perfect colour for that kind of look. It is feminine yet bold, and really works well with an upturned cat eye style.



You can’t go wrong with a well executed golden lid. Geminis always look best in yellow tones, so the gold adheres to that whilst also adding a touch of luxury.



A true child of the moon, you are best suited to misty greys and silvers that exude a sort of beautiful mystery. Make sure to add a strong black eyeliner to make your eyes really pop.



You are another golden goddess, the life and soul of the party! Golds, bronzes, and oranges are what you should be going for, and you should certainly be no stranger to a strong shimmer!

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You like to keep things practical and simple in all areas of life, so the best eyeshadow look for you is always going to be something along the lines of nude shades with expertly applied liner to make everything look perfect.



You are a breath of fresh air and your makeup choices should reflect that. Light pinks and fuchsias are perfect for a Libra, you can even combo with a white highlight for extra freshness.



Nobody can pull off a smoky eye quite like a sexy Scorpio! It might be a tried and tested look at this point, but it will never ever go out of style, especially on you!



You have a real thirst for adventure, which obviously lends itself to fun colours like bright purple, yellow, and even green! You aren’t afraid to experiment with your style; you always want to stand out from the crowd.



You tend to go for a classic and refined look in your fashion choices, so nude colours complemented by a coloured eyeliner is definitely a good choice for a Capricorn.



Eccentric is your middle name! You love anything that is unconventional, so contrasting two or even three colours colours on your lids isn’t something that phases you at all! Blues, purples, and greens are your best friends.



You have an inner depth and dreaminess that is best displayed by the range of lilacs, blues, and turquoises that the eyeshadow world has to offer. Don’t be shy either, you really want those colours to pop!

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