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8 Things You Should Know about Permanent Makeup ...

By Jelena

There are plenty of things to know about permanent makeup before deciding to go with it! Sounds so dull I know but, trust me, your desire to acquire all permanent makeup information that may influence your decision shouldn’t feel geeky at all! There are tons of risks that are best avoided, plenty of wrong decisions you could have righted had you only gotten all of the facts straight! Well, look no further because I’ve found a few very good-to-know facts on permanent makeup you’ll definitely find useful!

Table of contents:

  1. It’s not 100% permanent
  2. It can cause serious allergic reactions
  3. Permanent makeup can mess up your mri results
  4. All equipment must be 100% sterile
  5. Not all colors are prone to fading
  6. Best results may require a few touch ups
  7. Insurance doesn’t cover this procedure
  8. There are plenty of service providers to choose from

1 It’s Not 100% Permanent

Unlike tattoos that stay with you until your last breath, permanent makeup tends to show signs of fading after a couple of years. This is due to the fact that colors aren’t injected as deeply as it is the case with a classic tattoo and means you are allowed to have a change of heart. That’s good news, of course! Bad news is that your fading permanent makeup might prove to be worst-looking that no makeup at all which is why beauticians usually recommend subtle, natural shades that will complement and enhance your looks yet can be played up for special occasions.

2 It Can Cause Serious Allergic Reactions

Speaking about very important things to know about permanent makeup, here’s what you really must keep in mind – no color is ever considered 100% safe and there are no such things as FDA approved colors. Even vegetable, completely natural ones might cause serious allergic reactions, swelling and blistering in case a person tends to suffer from allergies. Consult your doctor before pursuing this idea and don’t go for the cheapest offer out there. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love a good bargain too, but only a licensed technician can get this done for you and those services rarely come cheap.

3 Permanent Makeup Can Mess up Your MRI Results

Yeah, funny but true! Iron particles in the pigment will react with magnetic impulses of an MRI machine causing mild discomfort and even redness that may last a couple of days! And if that wasn’t enough, seems that it is necessary to let your radiologist know you’ve had permanent makeup done so he could adjust the machine, take it into account or whatever so your MRI scan wouldn’t be compromised. Now that’s what I call interesting permanent makeup information!

4 All Equipment Must Be 100% Sterile

Okay, before you go “Duh!” let me explain why I believe this deserves to be on my list of things to know about permanent makeup. You see, although brows and lips don’t seem like critical areas, you must never forget this is way more serious than an old case of herpes waking up from deep sleep (which isn’t to be dismissed either!). Scary stuff like Hepatitis C and AIDS can be spread around too and you’ll be surprised to know that many women have been infected while getting their makeup done. There’s way more to it than slapping a brand new needle on and a pro certainly knows that! My point? Don’t tolerate anything but clean, sterile instruments and workspace and take your business elsewhere in case you notice something not quite up to standards.

5 Not All Colors Are Prone to Fading

Unlike your lips which may have to be retouched from time to time, dark pigments used to line your eyes are most likely to stay for good. But there’s more interesting facts on permanent makeup and ways colors “behave” in the long run. Did you, for example, know iron oxide pigments are the best ones to use in order to avoid color migrations and that smudged, uneven appearance that may occur a few years after the treatment. Not a bad thing to know, right?

6 Best Results May Require a Few Touch Ups

Depending on your wishes and your metabolism, you may need to come back a few times to ensure perfect results. It’s kind of like lip augmentation, I guess… Somebody’s lips just stay plum and perfect after the first treatment while for some, a second trip to the clinic is needed. Another one of those interesting permanent makeup facts I’m sure you’d want to know is that the actual color might look much darker during the first couple of weeks but will eventually fade slightly leaving you a choice – you can either be happy with the results or schedule a touch up.

7 Insurance Doesn’t Cover This Procedure

Well, duh! And although it’s true permanent makeup can help reduce the visibility of scars, sort a lot of symmetry-related problems and improve the appearance of skin lacking pigmentation (also known as “vitligo”), it is still considered to be a purely cosmetic procedure which means the government or the private fund of your choice won’t jump over themselves to chime in. Oh, and speaking about things to know about permanent makeup – I’d be wary of all salons offering to collect the money this way. It’s a known scam ladies, the one you shouldn’t fall for!

8 There Are Plenty of Service Providers to Choose from

Okay, we’ve managed to establish two things. First – this procedure isn’t and shouldn’t come cheap and second – you can't just walk into the first shop offering permanent makeup and get it done. Puzzling, huh? Well, time to wrap this up by offering another piece of permanent makeup information that ought to put you at ease. You see, there are plenty of highly skilled people you can turn to in case you want to indulge in the luxury of waking up and looking absolutely perfectly! A doctor, a nurse, a cosmetologist or a licensed tested, trained and, most importantly, experienced beautician will have all the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done right!

Are there any other highly interesting things to know about permanent makeup? Do share, please! I’ve been having these thoughts about getting my brows touched up and these permanent makeup information proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered!

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