Pro Tips to Make Your Lip Colour Last All Night ...

By Carly

Pro Tips to Make Your Lip Colour Last All Night ...

Every girl needs some tips to make your lip colour last all night. When it comes to doing our makeup for a great night out, one of the biggest challenges we women face is making sure that our lipstick stays looking fierce and fixed for the entire evening! No matter what colour is your personal favourite, there is always a struggle to get it to stay looking as fresh as when it is first applied, and over the course of a fun, busy evening, there is a risk of it losing its oomph! Here are some great tips to make your lip colour last all night.

1 For Gloss

The key to long-lasting gloss is not to overload during the application process. Start in the centre of your lip and then fan outwards to prevent the product from collecting in the middle and around the borders of your mouth. And never forget to apply a touch of all important powder to the edges of your mouth to prevent the risk of bleeding colour. This is one of the best tips to make your lip colour last all night.

2 For Regular Lipstick

For regular lipstick, it’s all about creating a barrier with a good quality liner. Start with making an X on the Cupid’s bow and then line the bottom lip. You can use a lip brush for touch-ups and for that extra bit of life out of your lipstick, and also help blend out your look. Give a final swipe across your lips with the chosen colour and hey presto.

3 For Liquid Lipstick

I recommend using a lip scrub or mask before you apply liquid lipstick, remembering to remove every trace of this from your mouth before you actually start! Apply it to your bare lips and allow each layer to fully settle and dry before going in for another. The longer you let each layer dry for, the longer the colour is going to last in all its original glory on your lips. Once dried, press your lips with a dab of translucent powder to absorb oils for even longer wear.

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