7 Unusual Yet Amazing Uses for Nail Polish ...


7 Unusual Yet Amazing Uses for Nail Polish ...
7 Unusual Yet Amazing Uses for Nail Polish ...

There are so many uses for nail polish other than manicures and pedicures! You can paint your nails in some fantastic patterns and make them as gorgeous as can be, so why not use the same nail polish to prettify other things in your life? Here are a few uses for nail polish that you should try out.

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Jewelry Of all of the uses for nail polish, my favorite would have to be jewelery making. You can make some amazingly beautiful jewelry using a few components and your nail polish! If you love to match, you can make a necklace, bracelet and earrings to match the nail polish you plan to wear with a particular outfit. There are unlimited color combinations you can make and if you’re super crafty, you can discover ways of marbleizing your colors or painting pictures!

What you need:
As many nail polish colors as you wish to use (I recommend a chunky glitter polish and a solid color)
Glass Domes
Pendant Trays/Earring Trays or blank Bezel Bracelets
Nail Glue/Super Glue/Mod Podge
Necklace or Earring Findings
*You can find all of these at any craft store, or exceptionally low priced at sunandmooncraftkits.com*

What to do:
Paint the nail polish onto the bottom of the glass dome (the side you will glue down).

Allow it to dry and apply as many coats as needed. If you are using a glitter polish, that goes on first.

Use the glue to adhere the dry glass dome to the pendant tray.

Attach to the necklace, earrings or bracelet.

Enjoy your beautiful, easy to make jewelry!



Keys Don’t spend any money on those little plastic tabs that identify your keys for you when you have everything you need in your possession already! You can save yourself the hassle of trying to sort through every key on your key ring by color coding them with any left over nail polish you may have.

What you need:
Nail Polish
Clear Coat

What to do:
Simply paint the tops of your keys with whatever colors of nail polish you would like!

I recommend putting clear coat over the nail polish just so that it won’t scrape off when your keys get tossed around in your purse.


Glam up Your Shoes

Glam up Your Shoes Don’t spend a fortune on those beautiful trendy shoes with the brightly colored soles, you can create your own and change the color depending on your outfit! It takes hardly any time at all and they will look just fabulous when you are finished!

What you need:
Nail Polish
Top Coat
Paint Brush or sponge brush
Painters Tape or Masking Tape

What to do:
Use the painters tape the cover the parts of the shoes you don’t want paint on.

Spill your nail polish into a disposable cup or dish.

Use the paint brush or sponge brush (NOT the nail polish brush- too streaky) to paint the color onto the soles of your shoes.

Cover it with top coat using a clean brush.

Be careful as your new sleek and slick shoes may slip easier on certain floors.



Snags We’ve all been in the situation where your pantyhose snag halfway through the day and by the end of the day, the snag has become a run that goes all the way up your leg. Keep a little bottle of clear nail polish in your purse or your car for when those unexpected snags happen. You can stop the run in its tracks with just a dab of nail polish. If you have a snag in the screen on your door or window, you can also use some nail polish to close up the tiny gaps instead of stitching them or replacing them.


Smelling Salts

Smelling Salts Should you ever be in a situation where someone has fainted, but no smelling salts are available (and they rarely are), a handy bottle of nail polish may just do the trick! Simply open the nail polish bottle and place it under the person’s nose and the fumes should wake them up just the same as the ammonia would in smelling salts. Keep in mind this won’t work for every single person, but it’s had a high success rate and is usually more readily available than those little capsules!


Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry My skin is super sensitive and I have a hard time wearing costume jewelry. I love the rings and earrings they sell at little boutique shops and accessory shops like Claire’s, but I’m always disappointed when it makes my ears itch or turns my skin green. If you have the same problem, worry not! When you first get the jewelry, give it a few good coats of clear nail polish on the places that will have contact with your skin. You should be just fine wearing it after that, but you may need to touch up the nail polish every once in a while as it wears down.


Bug Bites

Bug Bites I am a mosquito magnet! I can sit outside with my entire family in the summer time and none of them get bit, but I end up with 15-20 bites all over my legs and arms! The moment I scratch the bites, they swell up to the size of quarters and look hideous! I learned a new trick just last year that saved me from tearing my skin apart when my bug bites itch… a dab of nail polish! Just one little dab of clear nail polish on your bug bite will eradicate the itch in no time!

I hope after reading this everyone will start carrying a bottle of clear nail polish with them everywhere they go. Who knew there were so many wonderful uses for nail polish?! How do you use your pretty polish?

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All of these tips were very helpful, except for the bug bite one. Nail Polish has extremely harsh chemicals which you SHOULD NOT put on your skin!

You can also put a some dab of clear nail polish on the buttons of your shirts, it strengths the thread on the button making it harder for them to fall off!

The tip for the mosquitoes is great! I can't wait to try it

A dab of hand soap from a pump bottle is awesome to stop bug bites from itching :)

Nail polish on screw threads, before screwing it in.

Mouth wash is my bug bite miracle!

I doubt about the bug bites use (I mean... Really?) but I will definitely try on my keys!! That's such a wonderful idea!!!

If you have sensitive skin, you can apply clear coat to the buckle of your belt. You may have to reapply after awhile

Love the bug bite idea! I'm going to try that one for sure!

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