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Finding uses for old makeup isn't easy. In fact, you probably just end up throwing it out half of the time don't you? Well ladies, don't do that anymore! I've got the top 7 uses for old makeup that actually make sense! These uses for old makeup can range from making your own new and fresh shades of lipstick all the way to turning powder into a bronzer! These uses for old makeup aren't something that you want to miss!

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Create a Lipstick Palette

I actually never thought of this! I have a ton of old lipsticks hanging around, lipsticks that I'll most likely, I'll never use again because I forget about them. If you are like me and have tons of lipstick tubes hanging around, use a piece of floss, slit the top off and make your very own lipstick palette! This is also one of the greatest uses for old makeup I would have never thought of!


Use Mascara Brush as Eyebrow Brush

In addition to lipstick, I have tons of tubes of mascara laying around too. While you can't use the mascara again (it becomes contaminated because of the bacteria), you can use the mascara brush! Just make sure that you clean it off completely and you can use it for your eyebrows! How easy is that?


Turn Old Shadows into Liquid Eyeliner

Another great use for old makeup is actually transforming things like eyeshadow into a completely new and refreshing use! All you need to do is clean the eyeshadow top with a little alcohol, removing the top layer of powder. Once that is done, dip a slanted brush into a bit of water and then into the shadow. Instantly, you've got a great use for old makeup and a refreshing and new liquid eyeliner!


Mix Broken Powder Blush with Clear Lip Balm

If you keep your makeup in a makeup bag, you probably have a ton of broken powder blushes in there right? Well, you can actually transform that powder blush into a cream blush by just mixing it up with some clear lip balm! I've totally tried this and it works great!


Add Vaseline to Broken Powder

Similar to the broken blush, powder works almost the same way! However, with broken powder, you'll actually be transforming your broken powder into a bronzer! This use for old makeup will save you a ton of money on bronzer too won't it?


Mix Shades of Lipsticks

Remember all of those lipsticks up there that you're going to make into a lipstick palette? Well ladies, you can also mix those lipsticks up a bit into different colors! This will keep your lipstick variety fresh and you won't have to spend any money at all!


Use Alcohol

Finally, the last piece of advice when you are trying to find new uses for old makeup, make sure that you are using alcohol. Use it to clean out your mascara brushes, to clean the powder off of the top of your eyeshadow and just ensure that everything is fresh and clean.

See ladies, no longer do you just have to throw your old makeup out! These uses for old makeup are ideal for anyone that has a huge makeup bag, like me. So girls, what uses for old makeup can you think up? Any I didn't cover?

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