9 Ways to Sex up Your Summer Beauty Routine ...


9 Ways to Sex up Your Summer Beauty Routine ...
9 Ways to Sex up Your Summer Beauty Routine ...

Changing up your summer beauty routine and making it a little sexier is a must this summer! Ladies, if you are looking to sex up your summer beauty routine this season, don't worry, I've got your back! I've got the top 9 ways to sex up your summer beauty routine that could be as simple as adding in some longer lashes or even just a coat of lipgloss instead of lipstick! Take a look below!

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Red Lips

Red Lips This summer, one of the hottest trends is red lips. If you aren't accustom to wearing red lipstick, why not sex up your summer beauty routine and add in a little red lipstick to your routine? Trust me ladies, this will make the guys beg for your attention and red lips will make you feel so much more confident!


Flirty Braid

Flirty Braid Instead of twisting your hair into the traditional ponytail, why not twist it into a flirty braid? Braids are very in this summer and this small change to your summer beauty routine can actually really make your hairstyle that much sexier! For me, it's all about the fishtail braid! I think it's flirty, fun and looks great!


Sport a Smoky Eye

Sport a Smoky Eye One of the easiest ways to sex up your summer beauty routine is to actually add in a bit of smoky eye! Trust me on this one ladies, the smoky eye can be in any color and it can actually really highlight your eyes completely! Give it a try and let me know how this works!


Long Lashes

Long Lashes One summer beauty routine that I changed up is my eyelashes. I wanted really long eyelashes, so instead of coating them in tons of mascara, I went with fake lashes! They looked beautiful! Not too long, but just long enough to highlight my eyes completely.


Blush It up

Blush It up Blush is absolutely one of the most under utilized products on the market today and I have to say, it can really brighten up your whole look. Just adding in a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks is really a great way to bring spring into your look!



Bronzer Are you looking to be a little tanner without sunning yourself? Bronzer can do that! Bronzer is great to really give an overall glow to your skin and I promise, this is one summer beauty routine item you’ll keep up through all of the seasons!



Gloss When you’re really trying to ‘summer’ up your look, why not trade out some of the lipstick that you are using and use lipgloss? Lipgloss is actually a great way to make your lips shiny and make them stand out! For me, it’s all about Philosophy Toasted Marshmallow lipgloss!


Amber-Colored Eyeshadow

Amber-Colored Eyeshadow One hot color this summer in the way of eyeshadow is amber. Amber-colored eyeshadow is exploding onto the market and I gotta say, it looks beautiful! Whether you are going out for a night on the town or you are looking to just summer up your look a little bit, this is a great way to do it!


Volume It up

Volume It up Finally, the last summer beauty routine that we are going to sex up is your hair! Adding volume to your hair will instantly make it sexier and will make all of the guys want to run their fingers through your tresses! Just a bit of root lifter, some heat and you’ll instantly see your hair become full of volume!

Finding the best way to sex up your summer beauty routine isn’t easy in the beginning! You just have to find a sexy summer beauty routine that works for you ladies, that’s all! So – what are some of the things that you do in your summer beauty routine?

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I hope people don't do these tips all at once or they'll end up looking like a hooker

Loved the post, although, Lip gloss is really not good for you during the summer because it magnifies the effect of the sun, and that can cause cancer. We don't want that.. maybe just a cute lip stain and a chapstick or lip balm with SPF would be a lot better! :)

Ya know, you could put a little dab of lip gloss on your eye lids when you wake up or as a substitute for eyeshadow & it makes you look really awake & refreshed & adds a glimmery shine to your eyes. It's really pretty if you put the right amount on. Try experimenting with amounts to get a good look!

love all these tips , pictures would make it a really good post :)

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