Would You Actually Contour Your Neck?

By Holly

Would You Actually Contour Your Neck?

You already know that some women spend hours in the bathroom, contouring their faces. It's a way for them to make their noses look smaller, their cheekbones look defined, and their cheeks look skinnier. However, contouring might be going a bit too far. According to Teen Vogue, women are now contouring their necks. Take a look:

This is meant to make your neck look slimmer on those days when you wear an updo. However, it seems like a whole lot of work to do to update an area not many people stare at. Do you think contouring is going a bit overboard?

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I wouldn't...

I wouldn't contour my neck.

No I wouldn't

Honestly who cares? If someone feels more confident because they contoured their neck/ chest then just shut up. If you don't like it, don't do it. It's not going "too far."

A lIttle too far, if you ask me. 😕

No that's stupid as well as contouring your boobs

The dumbest and most unnecessary thing I think Ive seen this entire millennium 😂

Why did she use such a dark color? You are only supposed to go 2-3 shades darker.... She went about 7

I do the front of my neck under my chin and cheek area, but the back??? Why???

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