You Need to Watch These Beauty Vloggers before They Blow up ...


You Need to Watch These Beauty Vloggers before They Blow up ...
You Need to Watch These Beauty Vloggers before They Blow up ...

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love finding beauty vloggers who aren’t exactly huge yet. I love seeing who they are and getting a feel for what they do before YouTube fame takes over, because I can always tell when a YouTuber is going to be big. I love these beauty vloggers because of their content, and because I can tell that they’re all going to be big one day! They make content that’s fresh and exciting, which is a lot to do in the beauty world of YouTube these days!

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Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores makes videos on a wide range of topics, but I especially love watching her for her reviews of nearly everything. If I need an opinion on something, I always look to her channel first for a review on whether or not it’s worth my money. If you’re looking for great opinions and great information on makeup, she’s is your girl!


Beeta Beauty TV

This is definitely one of my favorite beauty channels on the Internet, big or small! Her makeup looks are insanely gorgeous, and they’re even just mesmerizing to watch! If you’re looking for someone who’s really great at makeup, you need to check her out!


Glitter and Groceries

If you’re into hauls and vlogs, Glitter and Groceries is definitely the channel for you! There’s a little bit of everything on her channel, but at its core, it definitely features a lot of beauty tips and tricks (alongside so much other useful information). If you’re looking for someone to relate to, I promise you’ll find it on Maureen’s channel!


Barbie’s Beauty

I’m so impressed with Var. She’s a teen mom, and she makes it look so easy (I am certain that it is not). Even though her baby’s only a few months old, she makes it look like she’s been doing it for years. It’s so interesting to see a teen mom tell her story that hasn’t been edited by MTV as well (Not that I don’t love my Teen Moms!). It’s such a fun mix of beauty and what real life really is, which is why I love this channel!


Life by Norma

I love channels that feature home décor and beauty combined, which makes Life by Norma the perfect channel for any girls like me! It’s a little bit of everything, but she’s currently going to cosmetology school where she’s learning all about doing hair and makeup which I know will make for some great videos! (And here’s a little Easter egg, you might just catch one of your favorite AWS writers in a video or two!)


Melissa Maker

Like I just said, I’m a sucker for YouTube channels that combine home décor and beauty, and Melissa Maker does it so beautifully! I love hearing about her skincare routine in one video and then all about her kitchen renovation in the next video! I love versatility but knowledge in YouTube videos, and that’s definitely what Melissa Maker is all about!


My Beauty Perspective

I’m sort of obsessed with this new YouTuber. She may only have a few videos, but every video that she’s put up is so informative. I loved her review of the Original Beauty Blender, and her story of getting rid of her acne was seriously helpful! Check out her channel if you haven’t yet!

Which beauty vlogger is your favorite on this list? Have you checked them all out? Let me know who you're subscribing to in the comments!

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Check out Melanie Murphy from Ireland. She's delightfully down to earth, beautiful, smart, funny and currently doing vlogmas. Love her accent! Could listen to her speak for days.

Of course they're all white 😒

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