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Nail art trends vary from the subtle to the obscene these days. One thing we know for sure, however, is that the nail art trend is here to stay. Nail art is as much of a statement accessory and a form of expression as any other fashion accessory. Get some nail inspiration from the popular trends for nail art below.

1. Two-Tone


Having a difficult time choosing between two different nail polish colour?

Try both!

Two-tone nail art trends are fun and fresh, and can be worked in a variety of ways.

You could go for a traditional French-tip look, or something bolder like a check pattern or diagonal halves.

2. Ombré


Ombré has been a big buzz word this past year.

From ombré hair to ombré clothing, it’s all about the gradient colour effect.

Nail art is set to be the next platform for ombré.2

Airbrushed ombré is more clean-cut;

but messy, hand-painted ombré nail art is where it’s at this season.

3. Confetti


Create a confetti-like effect on your nails by opting for polishes with larger glitter particles.

It’s a fun and playful nail art trend that reflects the popular glitter trend of the moment.

Create different effects by layering glitter polish over different coloured bases.

4. Metallic Foil

Metallic Foil

I can’t say it enough, but metallics are one of hottest trends right now.

The metallic trend never really goes out of style, it just keeps being reinvented.

When it comes to the nail art trend, take it to the next level by adding some gold leaf to your nails for a bit of opulence.

Apply the leafing to wet polish with tweezers, dry, and then cover with top coat.

5. Clear Tips

Clear Tips

Go for a futuristic effect by attaching clear tips to your nails.

It’s an unexpected take on the basic nude nail.

Add some texture to this nail art trend by applying a clear, shimmery polish over the top.

This will create an opalescent glow.

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