8 Fab Nails Colors for Summer 2012 ...


8 Fab Nails Colors for Summer 2012 ...
8 Fab Nails Colors for Summer 2012 ...

Finding the right nail colors for summer 2012 is hard! There are tons of different nail colors for summer 2012 out there right? How can you be sure you are staying trendy? Well ladies, I've got the low-down on the true nail colors for summer 2012 so that your nails can be polished up just right and look fab!

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Lime Green

Lime Green Lime green is one of those colors that is super hot this season and I gotta say, this fab nail color for summer 2012 is perfect for the beach! Want to stand out a little bit? Make sure that your nails are coated up just right in lime green!



Fuchsia Fuchsia is one of those colors that is not quite purple, but not quite pink either. It's a mixture, but it's more on the pink side. It's bright, it's vivid and it's absolutely amazing looking on any and all nails! Want to bring out the summer through your nails? Try out this awesome nail color for summer 2012!



Magenta Just like Fuchsia, Magenta is one of those colors that is a hybrid of purple and pink, but this one actually leans more toward the purple side. It's got some beautiful hues of pink mixed in with the purple and it is absolutely one of the most summery colors I've ever seen. Want to spice up your summer? Paint your nails in this fab nail color for summer 2012!


Electric Yellow

Electric Yellow You might think that electric yellow doesn't work for everything, but truthfully, this fantastic and summer color is ideal for any and all occasions. Seriously ladies, it might seem crazy to paint your nails yellow, but try it and let me know how you love it!


Brilliant Orange

Brilliant Orange I absolutely love orange and this is definitely one of the colors that is super hot this season. Orange is no longer just for the fall, as long as it's bright, vivid and brilliant! Try some neon orange ladies, you'll never want to change your nail color!



Turquoise Turquoise is one of those colors that I feel is really unappreciated. Once you put it on your nails though, trust me, your whole world will change! It's bright, it's fresh and it looks great with any outfit out there!


Vibrant Purple

Vibrant Purple There are tons of different purples out there ladies, but if you are looking for nail colors for summer 2012, the purple needs to be bold and bright! This is personally one of my favorite colors and absolutely it looks great on any nails!


Reddish Orange

Reddish Orange Finally, the last color that we're going to talk about is reddish orange. It's a little bolder, a little brighter and a little more vivid. If you're looking for a color that is ideal for the beach, this one is it!

So ladies, there you have it, the top nail colors for summer 2012! These beach-worthy nail colors for summer 2012 are so beautiful and bright! What colors are you favs? Spill!

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hi um i was wondering where you could get the rings from the turqoius nail polish pic

I'm African American and I've tried all colors before even seeing this but I just wanted to say I just love love love. thee yellows and i like the orangish colors on my skin.

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