9 Rules of Lipstick for Irresistibly Kissable Lips ...


Never underestimate the power of lipstick.

This simple beauty product has the ability to transform your look all by itself in the way no other makeup can.

But how do you make sure your pout is perfect every time you apply a smear of lippy?2

Follow these rules and your lips will be irresistibly kissable.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliate Your Lips

Before you apply your lip color, exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells.

With smoother and softer lips you will be able to make sure your color stays bright and bold for much longer.

Look for exfoliating lip scrubs for that perfect pout.

2. Moisten Your Lips

Moisten Your Lips

Lipstick on dry lips is a big no.

You’ll be able to see all the cracks and creases framing your smile, ruining your polished look.

Choose a lipstick which has added moisturizer or go for a tinted lip balm.

The more matte the lippy, the more likely it is to crack and dry your lips.

3. Use a Base Coat

Use a Base Coat

A trick to make your lipstick last longer is to coat your lips with a little concealer, foundation or a lipstick primer first.

This gives something for your lipstick to β€œhold on to”.

4. Think Sun Protection

Think Sun Protection

When you are choosing your lipstick find one that has SPF in it if you are heading out in the sun.

Burnt lips can be seriously painful.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reported that opaque lippies protect your lips much better than glosses, but always opt for one that has SPF within it to be sure.

5. Line Your Lips

Line Your Lips

There are two problems that can cause embarrassment when it comes to lipstick: one is having it on your teeth;

the other is having it smudged across your face.

Line your lips with a similar color to keep the color contained to avoid smudging.

Your lips will also look fuller too, improving your pout.

To get this look perfect apply thin and steady lines around your lips then fill the color in afterwards.

Use a Brush
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