7 Beauty and Makeup Tumblr Blogs to Follow ...


If you’re a fashion and makeup addict like I am, then you simply HAVE to check out these beauty and makeup Tumblr blogs. Tumblr is home to many different things, from fandoms to photography, but there is a great appreciation for these glamorous gurus. They have been huge helps and inspirations to me, and I feel anyone who wants a bit more sparkle in their Tumblr experience should follow these beauty and makeup Tumblr blogs!

1. Drugstore Princess

Blog: drugstoreprincess.com

This is my absolute FAVORITE out of all the beauty and makeup Tumblr blogs. I’ve been following her for ages now, and I’m quite certain I’ve read through every post she’s ever made. She answers so many questions regarding not just makeup itself, but application, the tools, and even where to find duplicates for more expensive brands. This blog is like my online beauty bible! If you have a makeup question, chances are Drugstore Princess has answered it already!