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Are you looking for the best vegan cosmetic brands?

It’s safe to say that most girls love make-up and cosmetics. You can create some amazing looks if you have the time and skill. Whether you are earth-friendly or vegan, these brands will be perfect for you.

Keep in mind that because these brands are cruelty free and made for vegans with “good” ingredients, they maybe pricier than usual, but not to worry because it will be worth it. Being vegan or using vegan products is great for you,starting with the fact that most vegan products use natural ingredients.

Many of these brands make it their mission to use organic or “healthy” products that won’t harm you or your pretty face. Vegan brands also pride themselves on not using animals as testers! Animals are our friends and they have feelings too! Some of the products may cost the same as your cherished make-up store brands. But, sometimes you have to put more into what is good for you and sometimes good for others, including the earth and her friends.

There are a wide variety of the best vegan cosmetic brands, from nail polish to make up brushes. Whether you’re going for a bold lip or a stunning liner, the brands below can help you out.

1. Ginger & Liz Nail Polish

Two chic ladies, started this brand in 2009 and it's one of the best vegan cosmetic brands. They both agreed on nail polish without harsh chemicals (because they had allergic reactions) and wanted vibrant colors and cool shades of nudes. They took a journey to be vegan and vegetarian. Not only do they have nail polish that is toxin free, vegan friendly, and hypoallergenic, the ladies have introduced a sugar scrub for the lips and toning hand crème.

Aida Cosmetics
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