8 Bold Beauty Looks and How to Wear Them ...


8 Bold Beauty Looks and How to Wear Them ...
8 Bold Beauty Looks and How to Wear Them ...

Beauty looks can be inspired by a range of themes. If you’re after a bold beauty look, look no further than the designer catwalks. Designer beauty looks, much like designer clothes, have a big influence on current beauty trends. The following are a few daring beauty ideas that you may want to try out.

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Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner is a bold beauty look that can be a bit hit and miss. To make this look work for you, first choose a colour that suits your skin tone. A thick winged eye, such as those seen on the Anna Sui Fall 2012 runway, can look quite striking. Keep your eyes the focal point by keeping the rest of your makeup quite natural.


Crayola-bright Lips

Bright, matte lipsticks are a fun look to try out. However, it does require some preparation and maintenance. Ensure your lips are smooth and supple before applying lipstick. Before applying the lipstick, line and fill lips with a liner. This will help the lipstick to grip and prevent it from sliding. Apply lipstick straight from the tube for the best colour transfer. Keep your lipstick handy for touch ups during the day.


Double-Lined Eyes

This is a look that’s been popping up on the catwalks recently. This bold beauty look recently made an appearance on the models at the Altuzarra Fall 2012 show. It was a little bit ‘Black Swan’ meets 90s grunge. To achieve this look, sweep liquid eyeliner along your top lashline and to the outer corner of your brow, then draw a parallel line above it starting at the corner of the your eye, looping it up and pulling it straight across the crease.


Two-Tone Lips

You don’t have to go crazy with colour when it comes to this beauty look. The tip to pulling off this look is to use a brighter shade to accent a more neutral colour. Using a lip brush, apply one colour to your bottom lip. Then, apply the brighter colour to your top lip. Pair this bold lipstick look with a bare face – so no bright blush and no heavy eye makeup.


Flipped Kohl Eyes

Smokey eyes have long been one of the most popular bold beauty looks. However, give this beauty look an update by applying kohl underneath the eyes only. This look can be tricky to pull off, so make it work by keeping the rest of your makeup matte and shimmer free. Balance out the intense eye with a nude lip and coral cheeks.


Bold Eyebrows

Bold, bushy eyebrows can be a defining feature of your face. The bold brow has become a favourite of many a designer and beauty editor, and it’s a great natural beauty look. Tame brows by brushing them with a brow brush and keep them in place with a brow gel. Fill them in to really create a bold look.


Black Cherry Lips

Dark, almost black lipsticks have been enjoying a ‘fashion moment’ lately. The beauty look is dramatic and does take some getting used to, especially if you’re not used to wearing dark lipsticks. Before applying your colour, prepare lips by applying lip liner or maybe even a primer. Dark shades require some precision, so apply in layers with a lip brush.


Metallic Eyes

The Spring 2012 desiger catwalks were awash with metallic eye makeup. Smokey metallic smudged eyes were popular at Emilio Pucci, Rodarte, and Gucci while at Fendi the interpretation was quite literal with gold and silver leaf applied to the model’s eyelids. Complete your metallic eye by applying a swipe of black eyeliner and mascara to create definition.

The key with most bold beauty looks is to choose one aspect to be the focal point and to keep the rest of your makeup quite minimal. If the focus is on your eyes then you’re your lips bare and vice versa. What’s your favourite bold beauty look?

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