Brush up on Your Beauty Skills How to Choose and Care for Your Makeup Brushes ...

By Alison

Are your makeup brushes falling apart? Perhaps it's time you treated yourself to some new ones. But with the vast range of brushes and the many different brands on the market, it's hard to know which to choose. Plus you need to look after them properly so that they will last. Here are some tips to help you choose and care for your makeup brushes …

1 Buy the Best Your Budget Can Afford

Buy the best brushes that you can afford; it'll pay off as they will last longer and you'll get a better application. If you can only afford a few, then pick a few versatile brushes that you can use for different products. For example, a blusher brush can double up as a powder brush, and you can also get double-ended brushes that will give you maximum use, as well as saving space.

2 Choose Full-Sized Brushes

The little brushes that you get in makeup compacts are ok for touching up your makeup when you're away from home, but they're not much good for proper application. Get full-sized brushes if you want your makeup to look good. You don't necessarily need a full set, but you do need the right-sized brushes.

3 What Should Your Brushes Be Made of?

This depends on your personal taste. Natural bristles like sable or pony hair are considered by makeup artists to be the best tools, but there are cheaper synthetics if you're on a budget or don't want to buy animal hair. It's really worth buying more expensive brushes if you can afford them, as they'll last for years if properly looked after.

4 Which Brushes do You Really Need?

There's an extensive array of makeup tools if you want to splash out, or are really serious about your makeup, though it's not really necessary to invest in every brush going. You're most likely to use a large powder brush, a smaller blusher brush, a small brush for blending and a larger shadow brush. Or you can buy a blusher brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a lip brush. It depends on the products you most use.

5 Store Your Brushes Properly

Your brushes won't last long if they're left lying about and never cleaned. Store them upright in a container, or invest in a brush roll to keep them in. You can easily make a brush roll if you have access to a sewing machine; these will keep your brushes clean and tidy.

6 Clean Regularly

Your brushes should also be cleaned regularly to keep them in good shape and stop them getting clogged up with dirt and bacteria. Use a mild shampoo for natural bristles and ordinary soap for synthetic brushes. Wash them in warm water and blot with a towel, then dry them flat.

7 Paint Brushes

Some makeup artists prefer to buy fine art brushes and cut them to shape. This can be a lot cheaper than buying makeup brushes, and also means that you can get the brush just as you want it.

Having the right tools for the job means that your makeup will look better and last longer, so it's worth buying a few decent brushes. You can always start with the basic brushes and add to your collection gradually. Which makeup item could you not do without?

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