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Beauty Hacks That'll Keep Your Makeup Where It Belongs ...

By Cassandra

Scoring smudge-proof makeup that actually lives up to its name is like finding a needle in a haystack. Everything goes according to plan until the moment you step out of your house. With the sun hitting you right in the face, the only place for your makeup to go is off and down your neck which is the worst feeling EVER. But although it sounds like a tease, there are some pretty nifty tricks that'll stop your makeup from running away.

1 Keep Lipstick Stains off of Your Teeth in Just One Pop

Not realizing that you have lipstick on your teeth until after your friend snaps that selfie is a right of passage for every makeup lover. There are two surefire ways to make sure you're never caught off guard. You ca either place a napkin in between your lips to catch the excess lipstick or insert your finger into your mouth and make your lips form an 'O'.

2 Applying a Base Primer Will Make It Harder for Your Foundation and Blush to Come off

Nothing's worse than having oily skin that makes your makeup melt off. Applying primer increases your chances of keeping the same "face" on from this morning. It seems simple but it works! The best kinds have a powder or matte quality and are also oil-free.

3 The Same Goes for Eye Primer

Don't you just hate when your eyeshadow drips down your face? Slapping on eye primer will lock it in and make sure that awkward moment never happens again. This has the added bonus of making your eyeshadow pop, which is always great news!

4 Wash Your Face - It's That Simple!

Give your skin a chance to breath by unclogging your pores. Getting rid of the dirt and grime (not to mention last night's makeup) is a quick and easy way to keep your makeup on twice as long when you reapply. But don't overdo it. There's nothing worse than feeling like you bathed your face in super glow cream.

5 Kick Your Oil-Based Beauty Products to the Curb

Pick up the powder instead. Wearing foundation or moisturizer that is heavily packed with oil won't do you any favors. Powder (just a tiny dash!) will become your best friend over the next few months.

6 Keep Your Lipstick on All Day by Applying Blistex First

I always apply Blistex before my lipstick or lip stain comes anywhere near my lips. Originally, I just loved that it'd leave my lips feeling smooth and fresh. After awhile, I noticed that my lipstick lasts for a much longer time when I do this as opposed to when I'd forget my Blistex at home. I've never tried this with chapstick before but it may do the trick; however, skip out on the lip gloss.

7 For Sexier Lashes, Blow Dry Your Eyelash Curler

Give your lashes a boost by running your eyelash curler under warm water for a couple of minutes. That way, you'll get some more hours in with your fabulously curled lashes. You can use your blow dryer as a second option. Just don't leave it under too long!

Do you have any other makeup tricks up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments below!

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