7 Summery Makeup Styles You Can't Live without This Season ...

By Sabrina

Summer will be here before we know it, and as you go from elegant updos to beachy waves, and from coats to crop tops, your makeup styles are going to change, too! But how exactly should they change? According to the powers-that-be in the beauty world today, these are the makeup trends you simply can’t live without this season!

1 Nude Lips

human hair color,hair,face,person,woman, We all know that lately the natural look has been all the rage. But if you resisted it so far, summer is the time to give up the good fight. The nude lip is a classic look that’s making a comeback summer 2015. Pair this vintage look with a bit of blush and a dash of mascara and you’ll be good to go! If you’re at a loss for which nude lipstick to buy, I recommend Dior Rouge Dior Lip Color in Angelique Beige or, if you’re a thriftier shopper, Mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug.

2 Berry Lips

face,eyebrow,person,beauty,nose, If you’re like me, letting go of colored lipsticks all together will be pretty difficult! So, as an alternative, this summer you can shift to berry-colored lipsticks. Berry lipsticks are less intense than reds, and better suited for the laid-back summer vibe, but still just as eye-catching. Here’s a list of some gorgeous berry-inspired lipsticks you should try this summer: beautylish.com

3 Attention-grabbing Eyes

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,cheek, Time to swap out your traditional eyeliner for something new, because bold eyeliners are trending this summer! Depending on your outfit, you can choose to wear pastels or metallics. But either way, you’ll look stunning and high-fashion by lining your upper lid with a fierce splash of color. Need ideas? Check out makeup.allwomenstalk.com for trendy metallic eyeliners that will accentuate your eyes!

4 Doe Eyed Look

eyebrow,face,hair,nose,cheek, Sexy can wait for winter and fall—this summer, you should embrace your adorable side. The ultimate adorable makeup style is the doe eyed look! To achieve this look, all you need are some sweet eyeshadow colors, a sleek black eyeliner, white eyeliner, and false lashes. Feel free to be a little on the dramatic side!

5 Minimalist Eyeliner

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose, You don’t need to go crazy with makeup in the summer. The sunshine and smile on your face already do a good enough job of bringing out your natural beauty! The rule for summer makeup is generally “less is more”, so go for a minimalist look when it comes to eyeliner. A simple flick of colored or black eyeliner with a thin coat of mascara will give you that confidence boost you need without looking like too much.

6 Brown Eyeshadow

eyebrow,face,color,hair,cheek, Trending this summer is brown eyeshadow! I know, it doesn’t sound very pretty, does it? But it looks stunning! If you have fair to tan skin, brown eyeshadow will be subtle yet stunning on your skin. Plus, it looks pretty natural and serves only to amplify your natural beauty, not add anything special.

7 Barely There

eyebrow,hair,face,black hair,nose, Overall, the go-to look during summer is the “barely there” style. Wear neutral tones, minimal mascara and eyeliner, and a light layer of blush. This will not only fit in with what’s on runways, but also give your skin some time to breath after three seasons of heavier makeup.

Changing your style with the seasons can be really fun, if you know what to do! Following the trending looks is always a good start. What other summery makeup styles will you try this season?

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