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7 Differences between BB Cream Foundation ...

By Heather

I've been asked a ton of different times, what are the exact differences between BB cream and foundation? Well, if you haven't ever tried BB cream but you are dying to know what the differences between BB cream and foundation are, take a look below! There are tons of differences, even though both of them do something similar: they cover up imperfections! So, take a look and see if BB cream is right for you – or if you are a foundation kinda person!

1 Difference Coverage Levels

One of the top major differences between BB cream and foundation is the coverage. With foundation, it is typically thicker, so you have a lot more coverage. With BB cream, there isn't a lot of coverage, so it's great if you are heading out to the beach or you are just looking for something easy to put on!

2 Skincare Benefits

While there are some foundations that have skincare benefits, BB cream automatically has them built in! This particular cream is meant to really clear up your skin and to keep it looking flawless, all while staying put on your skin all day! Try it and let me know how well it works for you!

3 Limited Color Ranges in BB Creams

One of the downfalls when it comes to BB cream is that there is not a lot of color in there. BB cream is typically white and then fades to your skin tone, but if you have really really light skin or really really dark skin, it can be easy to tell you are wearing it. Keep that in mind and blend, blend, blend!

4 How to Apply

There are tons of ways to apply foundation and BB cream, but the difference is the you apply BB cream with your fingers specifically. That's how it is meant to be, where with foundation, you can apply with a foundation brush, a sponge or your fingers – but it is a little messier.

5 Higher SPF

The great thing about BB cream is the fact that it has a ton more SPF protection for your skin! That means, if you are heading out to the beach, just a quick slather of BB cream on your face to cover up all of those imperfections and you'll be more protected from the sun than if you went out with foundation.

6 Built-in Primer

BB cream is also something that has a built-in primer, where with a foundation, you don't have that. You have to apply the primer and then the foundation. For BB cream, it is all in one, so all you need to do is put a little of it on your fingers, spread it around, blend it and you're done!

7 Better Moisturization

The greatest thing that I've found about BB cream is the fact that it is not cakey at all! So you never have to worry about your skin drying out, because BB cream has a ton of moisturizer built right inside! Foundation can be moisturizing, but it can also leave your skin really dry if you don't use moisturizer beforehand.

These are just a few of the many differences between BB cream and foundation. Have you ever tried BB cream? Which one was your favorite? Leave me some comments below!

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