Droolworthy Unicorn Makeup Products ...


Droolworthy Unicorn Makeup Products ...
Droolworthy Unicorn Makeup Products ...

Unicorns were huge this year so it's no surprise that their magical features have now crossed over into makeup. That's right, ladies, you can now slay your face with unicorn beauty products! Just like the mythical creatures themselves, there are only a handful of products but they're extra special and are sure to give you that extra sparkle and shine whenever you want it.

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Farsali Gold Unicorn Tears

product, lotion, hand, bottle, flavor, You've probably seen an IG beauty tutorial featuring Farah Dhukai's Farsali Gold Elixir. Well, they also have a product called Unicorn Tears/Unicorn Essence which is an antioxidant serum and primer. Apply this all over before your moisturizer or before you apply foundation and you'll be glowing in no time.

Available at farsali.com


I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Highlighter

pink, product, beauty, face powder, skin, Spread the unicorn love to your cheeks with U.K.-based beauty brand I Heart Makeup's Unicorn Heart highlighter. Use this shimmery highlighter to add a pastel rainbow of color on all the high points of your face for a dreamy look you won't find anyplace else.

Available at tambeauty.com


Violet Voss Unicorn Flare Premium 3D Faux Mink Lashes

eyelash, bird, fashion accessory, eye, organ, Although the name might imply multicolored falsies, they're actually stacked lashes to mimic the look and feel of mink lashes. If you want flared lashes with dimension and tons of length and drama, add this to your beauty shopping list ASAP.

Available at shopvioletvoss.com


Violet Voss Unicorn Party Glitter

blue, fashion accessory, glitter, jewellery, organ, Violet Voss is all about the unicorn makeup and here's yet another dazzling beauty product! Unicorn Party glitter consists of holographic rainbow glitters with a concentrated mix of blues, purples, silvers and scattered rainbows. Imagine how your eyes will sparkle with this glittery party on your lids.

Available at shopvioletvoss.com


Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in Unicorn Kisses

face powder, eye, powder, organ, cosmetics, Give yourself some unicorn kisses with this gorgeous pastel blue liner! Tarte's Waterproof liner comes in a range of color with matte and shimmer finishes but this is the only one that's unicorn approved.

Available at sephora.com


Unicorn Lashes Unicorn Brushes

product, U.K. based Unicorn Lashes created this set of rainbow brushes with horn-like handles to flawlessly apply all of your favorite unicorn and non-unicorn inspired makeup. Think of how much better your beauty routine will be with this set of rainbow brushes!

Available at unicornlashes.co.uk


MAKEUP REVOLUTION Unicorns Are Real Eyeshadow Palette

color, eye, eye shadow, organ, brown, Unicorns are in fact real and you can experience it for yourself in the form of this dreamy palette. Your eye makeup game is going to be out of control with this range of shimmery shadows! FYI, they also have a Mermaids vs. Unicorns palette that is worth checking out, too!

Available at ulta.com


BEAUTIFUL LIFE Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum

product, bottle, UNICORN'S, MANE, Unico, To round out this list of unicorn beauty products, we have the ideal product for your hair. If you're not sold on their tagline, "Unicorns don't have bad hair days," then I don't know what will! Use this serum to eliminate frizz, add shine, and tame any pesky fly-aways. Use it on damp or dry hair.

Available at ulta.com

OK ladies, which unicorn product would you want to try first? I'm really feeling the unicorn highlighter but the hair serum comes in at a close second. Let us know what you think about these products!

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