Droolworthy Unicorn Makeup Products ...

Unicorns were huge this year so it's no surprise that their magical features have now crossed over into makeup. That's right, ladies, you can now slay your face with unicorn beauty products! Just like the mythical creatures themselves, there are only a handful of products but they're extra special and are sure to give you that extra sparkle and shine whenever you want it.

1. Farsali Gold Unicorn Tears

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You've probably seen an IG beauty tutorial featuring Farah Dhukai's Farsali Gold Elixir. Well, they also have a product called Unicorn Tears/Unicorn Essence which is an antioxidant serum and primer. Apply this all over before your moisturizer or before you apply foundation and you'll be glowing in no time.

Available at farsali.com

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