3 Expert Tips for Professional Eye Liner Every Time ...

By Carly

3 Expert Tips for Professional Eye Liner Every Time ...

If there is one element of makeup that most women tend to struggle with on a regular basis, it is definitely eyeliner. You can get away with a bit of a shaky or heavy hand in most other areas, but when it comes to eyeliner, you need to be absolutely perfect or the job is a total bust! It might also mean redoing your whole face if it goes that badly! It’s times like these when it is always best to turn to the experts. Here are three expert tips for professional looking eyeliner every single time!

1 Small Motions

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that you need to complete your eyeliner in one impressive swoop of the wrist, but you can have much more control if you move the pencil back and forth, making small motions and pressing gently at the same time. This will help to build up definition and keep everything in a perfect line.

2 Eyes Open

No matter how much you are tempted to shut the eye you are working on and just your other one to guide you, try to keep both open. You would be surprised by how much difference it can make to have the use of both eyes when aiming, and when your eye is open, you are getting a much better preview of what the liner is going to look like for other people looking at you. Otherwise, it might look good with the eye closed, but out of line when the eye is open.

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3 Q-Tip

Mistakes happen, it is unavoidable, but instead of getting your finger in there to try to fix things, make sure that you use Q-tips. A little bit of makeup remover dabbed on the end of a Q-tip makes for the perfect clean up and refining operation.

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