8 Eyeliner Tips for Teenagers ...


8 Eyeliner Tips for Teenagers ...
8 Eyeliner Tips for Teenagers ...

You asked for it ladies and now we have it, the top eyeliner tips for teenagers! I've scoured the internet for the top eyeliner tips for teenagers and I've compiled my top 8 ladies for you to enjoy. So girls, what do you say? Want to explore the top 8 eyeliner tips for teenagers that will make your eyes pop and make it easier for you to put eyeliner on?

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Put Eyeliner on Upper Lids

This eyeliner tip for teenagers can actually work for any age! You always want to start with the upper lids. The reasoning behind that is because once you get the upper lids perfect, you'll be able to move on down to the lower lids and make any changes that you need to. So, play connect the dots and go with the upper lid first!


When applying eyeliner to your upper lids, it's essential to opt for a steadying technique that works best for you; some may rest their elbow on a surface, or place a fingertip on the cheek for better control. If you're going for a classic look, aim for a thin, precise line that hugs the lash line. However, if you're feeling bolder, a winged or cat-eye look might suit your style – just remember that practice makes perfect. Remember, it's also easier to fix any mistakes on the top before you 'connect the dots' on the bottom!


Go from the outside Corner to in

When you are about halfway through putting the eyeliner on your upper lid, go ahead and stop and start pulling the eyeliner in from the outside corner. The reason for this is because it will give you some lift and will cause a little curve. This eyeliner tip for teenagers is a great one to use for casual and cool or dramatic and chic!


Accentuate Your Eyes, Don't Hide the Youth

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of teenagers make when they are dealing with eyeliner is they line so, so much and lose a lot of the youth behind your eyes. So girls, just remember to accentuate your eyes, don't try to hide behind the liner!


Less is More

This eyeliner tip for teenagers actually goes hand-in-hand with #3. Less is more ladies! In the way of all makeup actually. Your skin is at it's prime and even if you do have some blemishes, there are tons of different ways to hide it. So all you teenagers, make sure that you use less makeup versus more!


Using less makeup not only helps to enhance your natural beauty, but it also prevents your skin from being overloaded with heavy products. This can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and premature aging. Instead, opt for a light coverage foundation or concealer to hide any imperfections and let your skin breathe. Additionally, using less eyeliner can actually make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, creating a more youthful and fresh look. Remember, as a teenager, your skin is still developing and using too much makeup can hinder its natural growth and health. Embrace your natural beauty and use makeup as a tool to enhance, not cover up.


Use Browns & Greens, Not a Lot of Black

Now this eyeliner tip for teenagers might not work for every single look, but girls, in your teens, it's the time to experiment, so why not try some browns and greens to really amp up your look? For me, I have green eyes, so these two colors really bring out the green and highlight my eyes! Play around a bit girls!


When Doing Cat Eyes, Use Liquid

Now, if you are planning on doing cat eyes, which is absolutely one of my favorite eyeliner looks, just use some liquid eyeliner. That way you can really, really get the effect of cat eyes and it can be extremely smooth. For me, I like any and all Maybelline liquid eyeliner, it stays put girls!


Use a Smudger

If you are really looking for a great eyeliner tip for teenagers, make sure that you are using your smudger! Eye pencils that have a smudger on the other end make it really easy to use! The smudger can actually be used to wipe away a bit of the eyeliner that might be misplaced or not straight!


Use Your Eyeliner under Your Lashes on the Bottom Lid

Finally, the last eyeliner tip for teenagers that we're going to talk about is using your eyeliner pencil right under your eyelashes on your bottom lid. When you place the eyeliner along the inner rim of your eyes, your eyes can actually look closed, but just along the lashline can really highlight your eyes!

So girls, you asked for it and we delivered! These are our top eyeliner tips for teenagers! What other eyeliner tips for teenagers do you have? Give 'em up!

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I love using different colors! My favorites are purple, bronze, green, and blue eyeliner. As long as the like is softly smudged, it looks great!

Umm... I couldn't make it ! Is it for me that I'm 13 too ? Please Answer.

#5, i have bright blue eyes and black works wellfor me but i actually take brown on the inside and morph it into black at the edges and it looks so cool

I have green eyes but black eyeliner looks weird on me I don't know if its because I don't really know how to put it on or because black isn't a good color for my eyes

I have blue eyes and I love using a brownish gray eyeliner. Also, I'd say as a teenager I like to put on a bit of eyeliner, then use the smudger on the end to pull the eyeliner up until its almost an eyeshadow and add another layer of eyeliner. You kill two birds with one stone and it ends up looking really nice and subtle. (warning, probobly doesn't work with black eyeliner)

i have blue eyes, and personally i do a small fine black line, and then i'll grab a dark eyeshadow and kind of blend it with the black and leave a light shade towards the top of my eye. but for a day where i don't want to be too daring, i use a light baby blue, sheer liner, with no eyeshadow.

Sharon, show this to Emily!!

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