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The 10 Essential Basics to Have in Your Makeup Bag ...

By Carly

When it comes to having the perfect kit to take with you for every occasion, making sure that you have all of the essentials in the makeup department is arguably the biggest factor is ensuring that you can still achieve your signature look, no matter where you are. Whether you like it or not, your makeup choices can define you, so it really helps to assemble a bag that has every basic element of ‘yourself’ within it! Here are the essential basics of a makeup bag.

1 Light Base

In order to create the ideal appearance of fresh, radiant skin, you need a nice sheer foundation, one that is light on texture and that doesn’t compromise on the way that it leaves your skin looking flawless and even.

2 Concealer

Concealer is really the secret hero of the makeup bag! It’s not the most show-stopping product, but it prevents your blemishes from being noticed and it gives you a clear canvas to work on to build your look.

3 Rosy Blusher

Rosy blusher is an easy and instant way to liven up your complexion. Applying a pop of colour to each cheek area can really bring your face to life in a simple and effective way.

4 Mascara

If you need something to bring that sense of instant and effective drama, then a good quality mascara will always do the trick. Having thick, glossy, black lashes can forgive a lot of other sins in the makeup department!

5 Eyeshadow

Of course, if you’re applying mascara, then you need a good quality eyeshadow to go along with it! Flattering neutrals are always a good option: shades like rose gold, mink and taupe are always great.

6 Brow Gel

When you only have a few minutes to turn your brows into something appealing, then the best thing to use is a gel. All you need to do to transform your brows is to brush the gel through them in order to achieve a pleasing tint.

7 Lipstick

When you find the perfect signature lipstick, it can almost feel like having another kind of fingerprint! Your statement colour should be easily identifiable, a colour that other people associate you for.

8 Powder

Setting powder is another makeup essential and it has come a long way since the days of your dusty great grandmother! You can use it sparingly to eliminate shine and encourage warm glow.

9 Highlight

And speaking of glow, it is always good to have some highlighter on hand if you want to add an extra pop of shine to your cheekbones. It can give you a really radiant vibe.

10 Facial Mist

There is no better way to really freshen up your overall makeup look than with a good spritz of facial mist. It puts back a softness and a dewy shine that you might have started to lose after a hard day at work or on the road.

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