8 Fab Tinted Lip Glosses That I Love ...


Tinted lip glosses are in this season girls! It's about time that you ditch all of those heavy lipsticks and instead, go with something lighter. Tinted lip glosses are definitely some of my favorite ways to dress up my lips, without weighing them down. If you've been dying to try some tinted lip glosses, but don't know what ones to get, take a look at my list below!

1. Dior: Sheer Pink

Dior: Sheer Pink

Oh girls, this is by far one of my favorite tinted lip glosses out there. It's so pretty on, so light and it lasts forever! If you've been dying to break away from the lipstick in your life and give a try to something with a bright pop of color, this is the lip gloss for you!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss: Light Peachy Pink Shimmer
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