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The Best Lip Glosses for Ladies with Fair Skin ...

By Alicia

There’s a lot of information on the right lipsticks for fair skin but there isn’t as much about what lip glosses are best. So it’s past time to get some more information out there on the subject! After all, some ladies are more of a fan of lip gloss than they are of lipstick. These are 7 lovely lip glosses for your fabulous fair skin.

Table of contents:

  1. Mac lipglass in razzledazzler
  2. Maybelline baby lips moisturizing lip gloss in taupe with me
  3. Urban decay naked nourishing lip gloss in walk of shame
  4. Almay smart shade lip butter in berry for light skin tones
  5. Mary kay nourishine plus in pink luster
  6. Bareminerals 100% natural lip gloss in sugar cookie
  7. Wet n wild megalast lip gloss in red my mind

1 MAC Lipglass in Razzledazzler

This lipgloss, or shall I say lipglass, is the perfect neutral pink. It’s a shade you’ll grab again and again. It goes with a natural eye, a smoky eye or even colorful eye makeup. It’s moisturizing and looks lovely on. And with a name like MAC, you know you’re buying quality.

2 Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Taupe with Me

If you want a nude shade of lip gloss then this is the one you’re looking for. Nude lips are in and that’s included in both lip glosses and lipsticks. Baby Lips are products we’ve already got a deep love for and that won’t change when you try this lip gloss. Enjoy your “Taupe with Me” lip gloss for any occasion. It’s the perfect complement to fair skin.

3 Urban Decay Naked Nourishing Lip Gloss in Walk of Shame

Like everything else Urban Decay produces, this lip gloss is a hit. It’s a sheer pink lip gloss with hints of gold that you’ll surprise yourself by reaching for time and time again. It’s true that it’s a bit pricey, but we all deserve a splurge now and then. This is a perfect choice for a splurge. After all, we ladies can’t have too many lip products, can we?

4 Almay Smart Shade Lip Butter in Berry for Light Skin Tones

I’m slightly cheating here, but you won’t tell on me, will you? But in all fairness, I think lip butters are the perfect cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. They’re creamy and silky but still potently colorful. What I love about these Almay Smart Shade Lip Butters is that they’re designed specifically for your skin tone. You can’t go wrong.

5 Mary Kay NouriShine plus in Pink Luster

This pretty mauve pink combination will remind you of Barbie pink. It’s packed with shine and feels wonderful on your lips. The color is long lasting too, which is something that you never really know about when you purchase a lip gloss. Mary Kay has a wonderful reputation for quality products. And they have a great return policy, allowing you to exchange your purchase if you aren’t completely satisfied.

6 BareMinerals 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Sugar Cookie

Maybe your taste in lip gloss runs more toward corals. Corals are a beautiful shade of lip product and there’s a shade for every skin tone. This one is a pale shade that’s almost a mixture of coral and gold. It’s more gold in the tube but looks coral once you put it on. It’s fun to play with and is the perfect choice to go with any color scheme you might be wearing.

7 Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Gloss in Red My Mind

A lip collection isn’t complete without a shade of red in it. Red is sexy on any skin, but it has a special sexiness factor to it against fair skin. I think it’s the stark contrast of such pigmented color on fair skin. It’s the perfect choice for date night makeup or any other time you just want to feel a little extra special. And at such a cheap price, you can’t pass it up.

These are 7 great lip glosses for fair skin. Which ones are you excited to try? What’s your favorite lip gloss?

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